June 24, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

I have to admit, it's been a while since I popped in to to see what's going on in various mad scientist laboratories, so this one was sent to me by a regular reader here, Ms. P.H., and when I read the title, and where it came from (the aforementioned, and then read the article itself, I.... well... let's just say it's one of those things, given contemporary events, that virtually compels being shared, and even more so, compels high octane speculation:

Hybrid material as gold-leaf substitute

I cannot help but view the idea of mixing gold and milk and protein as a kind of witch's brew, a kind of alchemy. And indeed, if one reads carefully what is going on here, a little gold, by dint of such combinations, can be multiplied - literally stretched like a film - into more gold. 

Now, for those familiar (and those who are not), such multiplication is also a claimed property of the Philosophers' Stone, multiplying a little gold into much gold. We have, in short, that which I discussed at length in my 2008 book, The Philosophers' Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter.

It is this "multiplication" that leaped off the page when I read this article, and permit me now to indulge in the hallmark of this website: high octane speculation. I am one of those that genuinely tends to believe that when such experiments or techniques are openly discussed in the general public - even if it is in a specialized professional literature accessible to chemists or physicists - that the reality is probably that such things have been occurring for a long time, and secretly.  With that in mind, suppose for the sake of argument that such techniques of "stretching" gold(or any other precious metal) had been around and known about for some time (and they have), and suppose, for a moment, that financial oligarchs, central banksters, intelligence and covert operations gurus, have known about it.

This sort of technology and technique, used en mass and over a prolonged time, could conceivably multiply all that re-hypothecated gold your crony capitalists in the banking business have been re-hypothecating. It would be carefully hidden, of course, behind figures and estimations of the actual amounts of gold in existence, by badly obfuscating those figures. It could, in fact, mean that those figures are lower than the actual amount of such "alchemically multiplied" gold by an order of magnitude. It could even, let's say, give you a means to manipulate bullion markets by all that "alchemically multiplied and re-hypothecated gold" in support of your currencies. Why, one could re-hypothecate - to employ a Bernancke-ism - to infinity. It could explain curious discrepancies between David Baron Blackheath and the Bank of England and Vatican on the amounts of gold in existence.

It could, when you get right down to it, explain all sorts of "stuff."

It could, used en mass, even - maybe just possibly perhaps - explain strange events in recent financial news.

See you on the flip side.