Plants literally "eat" light; the miracle is the process called photosynthesis, and we know it from junior high school biology (well, at least, we used to know it from junior high biology back in the days that America had a relatively mediocre education system, compared to the galloping globaloney it has become).  The process has remained a mystery, but thanks to quantum mechanics, scientists are closer to unraveling its secrets:

Uncovering quantum secret in photosynthesis

I hope that grabs you like it grabbed me, for the implications, if humans could learn to replicate the process in solar energy panels via integration with biology, would be obvious, and enormous: with 95% energy conversion of sunlight in plants, compared to our best efforts thus far at 20%, even an increase of two times, much less the nearly five times implied in plants, would turn our sun into a source of clean energy. And with all those plans to genetically engineer glow-in-the-dark plants for household lighting... well, you get the picture. And if we can think of it here, then rest assured, the combinatorial-technocrats at DARPA, i.e., technocrats who specialize in dreaming up creative combinations of disparate technologies, probably already have.

But there's something else in this article that intrigued me, and I hope you noticed it:

n order to observe quantum effects in photosynthesis, the research group led by Niek van Hulst developed a pioneering . Energy transport during photosynthesis is extremely fast and takes place at a molecular scale. To observe these processes they pushed the ultrafast spectroscopy techniques to the single-molecule limit. This involves sending ultrafast femtosecond light flashes to capture a high-speed series of 'pictures' of the states of individual antenna proteins after light absorption (during one femtosecond light travels only one hundredth of the diameter of a human hair, while in one second it travels from earth to moon). With these "snapshots" the researchers are able to understand how solar energy is transported through single proteins. "We have been able to observe how energy flows through sunlight absorbing photosynthetic systems with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. This allowed us to observe the fundamental role of quantum effects in photosynthesis at " explains Richard Hildner, first author of the publication.

Shades of Royal Raymond Rife!

This is a kind of "quantum optics" - to coin a term - that if the technology is adapted and expanded, could yield breathtaking insights(pardon the pun) into the behavior of other materials at a very small level of space and time, and its possibilities in the development and elaboration of nanotechnology and genetic engineering - more "combinations of technology" - that must surely fuel the futurist imaginations of the most hopeful transhumanist or DARPA- combinatiorial technocrat (we'll call them DARPAcrats).  Imagine being able to observe the minutest reactions of materials under various circumstances, then engineer materials, including DNA, to amplify, or damp, certain ambient effects.

See you on the flip side.


Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Elm on June 30, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    From a creationist’s view, Alexander Beddoe writes in Nourishment Home Grown… “In the beginning” was Light, but matter, and the ionization process that brought it forth, was without form because there was only the void — the appearance of emptiness. Yes, it was only the appearance of emptiness because there was no third dimensional matter, with it ions, to reflect the light. Yet, The Light (from The Source) was all around and, thus, the power of The Source filled everything — even what appeared to be emptiness. Then, The Source congealed or condensed the Light into various vortices of ions, bringing forth matter.”

    “…Matter is composed of congealed light energy — from the void — creating things which do appear made out of that which is not visible, appears as emptiness, in the third dimension. Matter is energy — congealed light energy.” Thus, photosynthesis is a biologic ionization of light.

    Modern science is stunted because its indoctrinated practitioners are loath to admit, & refuse to comprehend creation. Rather than for a purpose of en-light-enment, modern science has been tasked with control & misdirection. The only true, as opposed to a facsimile science, is that predicated upon intelligent creation & design.

    Further, writes Beddoe, “As we have stated, creation is the putting together of light into matter. We call this process “Biologic Ionization.” Biologic Ionization then, is the study of creation, how energy becomes matter, and how matter becomes energy (E=mc2), on a continuous basis, to sustain all life rather than destroy it. Once we begin to understand that, and we tune into creation and it’s laws, concerning the Biologic Ionization process, we then discover how a healthy cell can be built in plants, animals or humans, and how to supply that healthy cell with the energy to sustain it, on its (own unique & defining) frequency, in a best functioning condition. Once that is discovered, we can understand how to co-operate with creation through laws that build healthy and productive gardens and farms — as well as body temples.”

    “… Biologic Ionization, then, is the study of the laws of creation. Many people look on these laws only as the laws of nature. But the “laws of nature are but the habits of God — The Source.” It depends altogether on your point of reference. In the study of Biologic Ionization we cannot lose that reference point, for we are always aware that we are studying Divine creative principles as they apply to the third dimension.”

    Modern “evolution” based agriculture is largely predicated upon an attainment of results opposite its professed claims & intentions. Freedom is slavery — “feeding the world” is starving it. This is a planned outcome, in that, the Luciferic Principle is the art or craft of concealing & packaging darkness & death in “illumination,” causing a people to embrace their own destroyer.

    A principle of creation is, the created universe is simultaneously both within and of The Source, Prime Mover or Master Conceptualizer, i.e., The Creator. This principle also works well from an humanly inspired artistic perspective.

    • Robert Barricklow on July 1, 2013 at 8:10 am

      Very much enjoyed this post.

      It’s back to the drawing board for me.
      I’am rather looking forward to analyzing this
      in the manner described.

  2. henry on June 30, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    I remember Dr.Farrell once in an interview questioned the mainstream science claim of the Sun’s energy is due to nuclear fusion, instead it may have to do with torsion, a force that may also be the source of human DNA.
    And i was equally intrigued by Richard Hoagland’s claim that Saturn’s ring was an artificial torsion generator.

    I’ve been wondering if the psychedelic experience such as the Shamanistic ayahuasca visions induced by psychedelic drugs is actually a visualization of torsion field energy which carries information from somewhere else. Altered state of awareness could also be attained by holotropic breathwork that incorporated Eastern spiritual practices, for there are certain ancient Buddhist statues depicting a group of meditating Buddhas have electrical energy formed over each Buddha’s head.
    When in altered state of awareness the human consciousness is in touch with the Spirit World or the Heaven, according to shamanistic/taoist tradition, which i’ve came to realize is that giant artificial satellite of earth. The fact Mayan temples were built in name of the Sun, the moon and Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan also seem to reflect the ancient Chinese tradition that the Sun and the Moon are depicted as tools in the hands of the creators.
    Then the ritual object used by ancient shamanistic cultures to represent the Heaven has torsion field associated with it could be a tentative evidence that a torsion field highway may exist between the human consciousness and the other realms, hence the soul is non-local.

    • henry on June 30, 2013 at 4:24 pm

      Ancient ritual object depicting the round Heaven and the rotating torsion energy

      • Elm on June 30, 2013 at 8:04 pm

        Like the symbol you reference, the Svastika is also a torsion symbol.

        Right or left… Take your pick. Hitler chose “widdershins” or left-turning regressive rather than right-wing progessive as indicated by the Falun Gong svastika. “Falun Gong” or Falun Dafa, literally means “Dharma torsion Wheel Practice” or “Law torsion Wheel Practice.” There is a negative force behind a demonization of the svastika, which was viewed & used as a good luck charm prior to its Nazification.

        The Nazis have been accused of being right-wing, but their true leaning is revealed in their occultic bent of the svastika. This obfuscation has been used to demonize the conservative side of the political spectrum which is traditionally right-wing progressive. Today’s so-called liberal “progressives” are regressives in borrowed clothing. Interesting, the Star of David which represents balance or fusion of the upper and lower worlds, re-assembles into either a left or right turning svastika.

        • henry on June 30, 2013 at 10:33 pm

          Yes, the Ayahuasca spirit takes the form of a Goddess that is always associated with serpents, serpent can coil its body resembling that of the galaxy which is essentially a torsion force at work. The fact Ayahuasca visions are litarally filled with serpents is another tentative evidence that the psychedelic experience maybe a visualization of torsion field energy that carries informations. It is also why the cosmic serpent is an ancient world-wide phenomenon since Shamanism was the oldest and basic human cultures on all continents before the rise of Yahwism which was a fairly late phenomenon. I had some examples to demonstrate that torsion symbols are world-wide.

          All three ancient symbols for torsion energy, the spiral; the serpent;the swastika, which i have dubbed them “SSS Brotherhood of the Pyramid”, since it was Dr.Farrell’s comment on connection between human DNA and torsion energy that inspired me.

          If you remember that itsrainmakingtime post, where i traced the origin of South American deity Viracocha back to ancient China, you can see he’s holding the serpents in his South American form, but the Liangzhu deity that preceded Viracocha had no serpents, however there are lots of spirals on the deity’s body, another symbol for torsion energy, and incidentally Liangzhu deity is depicted on ritual objects that symbolize connection between the Heaven and man. Another example of the Heaven, torsion and man relationship.

          You are also right about the demonization of these ancient sacred symbols that is not only part of our cultural legacies but also very part that makes us human. But look at all those Reptilian BS coming from the so called “alternative community” in the West, no wonder the modern/Western world is in a mess, man have severed themselves from their divine source of being and succumbed to the fear porns and psychological attacks of the negative forces.
          Richard Hoagland too think the fact online search result has the perpetrator of Oslo bombing wearing masonic clothing is to demonize the followers of Horus, he further commented on Nazi use of the ancient sacred symbol as having the same intent.

          It is the same with the unfinished pyramid on the one dollar bill, people are emotionally shocked into believing its the NWO, the banksters all-seeing eye. It’s not, there is actually a spiritual message in it, the pyramid symbolizes the realm of god, call it another dimension or hyperdimension, the eye of God symbolizes the pineal gland, the moment an individual opens the eye of god within themselves, the moment they become god themselves therefore attaining immortality. Therefore it’s actually not an unfinished pyramid, but the hyperdimensional awakening of the human consciousness and elevate to Godhood. More fluoride in the water to keep the people spiritually dumbed down.
          The same spiritual teaching is also reflected in Buddhist notion of the Lotus, a symbol of Divine birth and Godhood.
          “Lotuses are symbols of purity and ‘spontaneous’ generation and hence symbolize divine birth. According to the Lalitavistara, ‘the spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the new lotus in the [muddy] water which does not adhere to it’, and, according to esoteric Buddhism, the heart of the beings is like an unopened lotus: when the virtues of the Buddha develop therein the lotus blossoms. This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus in bloom. In Tantrism, it is the symbol of the feminine principle.”

          The only thing i disagree with you is about Falun Gong, they believe in “doomsday” and the salvation if with Falun Gong, sacrifice in the name of their belief, what motivated them to burn themselves. There are many examples of Falun Gong trickery, while they proclaim they represent true essence of Chinese culture, anyone who has a better understanding of the culture can see they are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ben Fulford once commented on the Falun Gong, as a psychological warfare against China, the organization’s real masters aren’t even Chinese.

        • henry on June 30, 2013 at 10:46 pm

          That particular type of ritual object has three or four bulges, this one has four bulges which resembles a “swastika”, but not exactly like swastika despite there is the torsion connection.

          early form of this particular type of ritual object has the dragons/serpents as the bulges that represent the torsion energy

          • Elm on July 2, 2013 at 4:48 pm

            Interesting… According to Velikovsky, dragons & bulls have an association with Venus & it’s destructive power, commensurate with his/her, Lucifer/Lucinda’s intersection with the earth’s orbit when Venus was a comet, i.e., the evening flaming star & morning smoking star. Is it any wonder Venice is named after Venus?

            This was a time when planets & other natural phenomena were scripted with god like characteristics, thus the temples of Jupiter, Athena & Minerva etc. In recent times the game was capture the flag, but in ancient times it was capture the gods. Indeed, to capture the god(s) of another people, was to conquer them.

        • Sagnacity on July 1, 2013 at 5:35 am


          Quote: “This obfuscation has been used to demonize the conservative side of the political spectrum which is traditionally right-wing progressive.

          Examples of these right wing progressives?

          • Elm on July 1, 2013 at 5:42 pm

            A deeply embedded meme of this obfuscation is in a co-opting & adulteration of the conservative value or progressive principle of social justice, & its nemesis the pretentious political ideology of social-ism. Social-ists are wrongly presented & perceived as champions of social justice, but in a destruction of the rights of the individual they undermine & destroy social justice, replacing it with the arbitrary diktats of the Corporate State. Whereas social justice is a moral & ethical principle & prerogative, social-ism subsists on borrowed terminology & pretense.

            Another would be the conservative or right-wing progressive concepts of liberation FROM emotional & spiritual bondage, & freedom FROM physical slavery as per the Exodus Experience. These precepts are misconstrued & applied in their opposite sense by left-wing regressives, who advocate for a “liberation” from objective moral standards & self-discipline, which in turn results in emotional & spiritual bondage, physical slavery & the ever more severe forms of political & authoritarian social control we are seeing today. See Libido Dominundi by E. Michael Jones – meaning, political dominance through a “liberation” of the libido, a social-ist meme. In other words, a sexualized culture is a dominated culture. Insect taxidermist Alfred Kinsey assisted with this endeavor. Also, the regressive left enables what postures as the progressive right, but in essence they are a good-guy bad-guy
            routine designed to reach a predetermined outcome.

            Both Colonel & Senator Davy Crockett & President Abraham Lincoln were right-wing social justice oriented progressive conservatives, whereas Obama is a left-wing regressive Corporate Collectivist as were both the Clinton’s & Bush’s before him. Only the Constitutional Republic & Bill of Rights are rare expressions of right-wing conservative values. Both National “Nazi” Socialists & Russian International Socialists were in fact BOTH international in their scopes as well as Left-Wing Collectivist – a Hegelian Dialetic comprised of the “mother” land & the “father” land – two hands controlled by a single head to an exclusion of all others – a cartel.

            Further, American economic philosopher Henry George is often described as a social-ist, however, George was in fact a conservative fair market conservative capitalist who advocated for social justice. This is why today’s left-wing regressive socialist dominated academia has expunged George’s teachings & most references from all economic curriculums. Indeed, in the spirit of social justice George refuted a tax on a man’s labor as well as conceiving of measures to prevent an emergent Collectivist or Feudal monopoly to the means of producing wealth.

            In his book Progress And Poverty George explains how all labor creates its own wage, whereas Feudal Collectivists – both Corporate & Ideological, treat wages as a cost or a liability to a production of wealth, conservative values hold the wages of labor are an asset of a production of wealth no matter at what stage this production occurs. No matter how or under which pretense it is presented, all Socialist or Economic Feudalism is left-wing regressive feudalistic & Corporate Collectivist.

            Another would be gay rights, in which conservative values have been associated with a Nazi mentality or a repression of homosexuals during the Nazi reign. To the contrary, the Nazis expunged conservatives & those disposed to traditional standards of morality from their ranks. Indeed, conservative General Werner von Fritsch was framed & removed as head of the German Army, whereas on another front conservative Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss was assassinated by Left-wing Regressive Social-ist Nazis. Once again, the Nazi movement was not a right-right conservative movement, but a left-wing regressive social-ist movement.

            The truth is, right-wing progressive conservatives are few & far inbetween. Many have been intimidated & for convenience sake have bought into the projections of the social-ist left about them.
            Upon proper examination, the correctly identified members of the right-wing conservative side of the political spectrum by-en-large, are far more amenable to upholding principles of social justice, whereas the opposite is true of Collectivists. Caution: One must not mistake a Corporate Collectivist for a fair trade conservative.

          • Elm on July 1, 2013 at 6:20 pm

            Oh yes, as opposed to right-wing progressive conservatives like Ward Cleaver on the 50’s TV series Leave It To Beaver, left-wing regressive social-ists are generally not only weak on family values & moral teachings, but anathema.

            To justify themselves & for purposes of public consumption, left-wing regressives generally borrow terminology from progressive conservatives & frame conservatives with their own pathologies. Even frauds seek to portray themselves as virtuous, but in failing to observe even a modicum of conduct which earns virtue, they become those things which appear to be but are not – frauds.

          • Sagnacity on July 2, 2013 at 12:25 pm


            I’m not familiar with that TV show.

            Did the character support the abolition of the Jim Crow laws in the US that includes housing discrimination in places like NYC?

            Today 2013: Would the that character support breaking up: Google+Microsoft+Apple+Exxon/Mobile?

          • Elm on July 2, 2013 at 4:26 pm


            The Leave It To Beaver series ran for about six seasons from 1950 thru 1956, and depicted an average middle American family exhibiting normal relationships between father & mother, mother & sons & brother towards brother. This was before the advent of an emasculating, intrusive, & manipulative BIG MOTHER feminism & social engineering projects really began to take hold, & prior to a sexualization of American culture.

            Just to quote a line from season five specifically the episode about “Sweatshirt Monsters,” in which Beaver’s father Ward is coaching his son Beaver on matters of moral principle… “A thing is either right or it’s wrong, and if it’s wrong in the first place as it almost certainly is, then it’s wrong no matter how many people do it, do you understand? Wrong is wrong even though everyone else may say it’s right.” To be sure, it is largely a sexualization of American culture that has stunted moral discernment.

            Ward’s advice appears very relevant to our current moral dilemma doesn’t it? As the Ward Cleaver of his day, & founding father of the American constitutional republic Thomas Jefferson also advises, “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Ward’s character would have been a Jeffersonian.

            So to answer your question, whereas I have noted no reference to Jim Crow Laws in any edition of Leave It To Beaver, I am also convinced the characters would have looked upon the current Corporate Cartels as vampiric monstrosities anathema to the moral & ethical foundations codified into law by the American founding fathers of the republic. Why not watch a few episodes? They’re a breath of fresh air & normalcy in an up-side-down & toxic world.

          • Sagnacity on July 2, 2013 at 7:25 pm

            You kind of lost my attention when you called the Nazis “left leaning”–I don’t treat what Glenn Beck claims as a serious reflection of reality.

            You’re convinced Ward Cleaver would think this that or the other. That’s a problem, you’ve made up a vision for this TV character. (That’s fine, but label it fan fiction.)

            This George Henry seems a bit of a racialist. But yes he did warn against big business, highly connected to the government and favored, and certainly appears to have favored an American Indian-like collectivist sharing of land.

          • Elm on July 4, 2013 at 11:59 am


            Henry George was not a “collectivist.” To the contrary, George was a fair market, conservative capitalist, who believed land should not be made a feudalistic speculative monopoly of a few Land”Lord’s” to an expense & servitude of the many. The board game Monopoly was first named The Land”Lords” Game (1903) by Philidelphia Quaker Lizzie McGie to teach George’s philosophy & to illustrate the consequences of a monopoly in land. Ralph Anspach documents in The Billion Dollar Swindle, Parker Brothers Stole McGie’s boardgame through trademark fraud. Anspach also invented an Anti-Monopoly Game, for which he was early on accused of trade mark infringement by PB.

            George’s observations & the consequences of monopoly are everywhere evident today. He also observed in 1879, when his book Progress & Poverty was first published, that when wages, & interest on saved capital were low, Landlord rents, which today would include Corporate Profits, would be high. Current events confirm the durability of George’s conclusions.

            George believed in equal access to the means of producing wealth. In a Georgist economy, Corporate Fictions would definately not be permitted to own land. Today’s Corporations are a Feudalistic Collectivist or Monopolitstic Interface – that have supplanted human “persons” & their access to the various forms of economic & wealth building terrain & substance.

            To prevent a monopoly in land & a speculation for profit in land holdings, George advocated for publically administered land banks from which productive land would be leased for agreed upon durations at set rates to those willing & capable of utilizing said land for a production of wealth. And of course, the lands would be better maintained. A man’s labor & his fruits (his private property, houses improvements etc) therefrom would be his own. There would be no wage or consumption tax in a Georgist economy, but simply a rent on land to finance government expenditures.

            The Georgist model is a public cooperative rather than a Corporate Collectivist model of economy, in which maximum freedom for all & the dignity of labor, human initiative & creativity would be upheld. Currently, the dignity of labor is despoiled in its designation as a cost of production & a liability to the capital or wealth of the Land”Lords,” this, when as George proves, all labor produces its own wage & is an asset to a production of wealth no matter at which stage this production occurs. The relationship between labor & its wage, along with the leverage of mechanization & technology, has been surreptitiously inverted, it’s benefits accrued disproportionately to the Land”Lords” or Corporate Lords of Corporate Fictions, a Feudalistic Interface of non-competing interests that enables economic slavery.

            A large fly in the ointement came through the legal “Personhood” & “Citizenship” of Corporate Fictions. This unconstitutional concession arbitrarily gifted to Corporations by Chief Justice M.R. Waite of the US Supreme Court in 1886, has led to a destruction of human rights & citizenship. Waite was a member of Yale’s Skull & Bones.

            There were once functional anti-trust laws to challenge some of these abuses. Termites, members of the legal profession, have argued against & undermined the lawful foundations of the progressive conservative republic. Once again, the Nazis were Left-Wing regressives, fronting for the intertests of a Left-Wing regressive Collectivist Corporate Cartel known as I.G. Farben.

          • PaulfromMinneapolis on July 4, 2013 at 1:02 pm

            Well said, Elm.

    • henry on June 30, 2013 at 5:15 pm

      One of the reason why i was intrigued by Dr.Farrell’s comment in regard to the Sun and torsion energy is that such idea is echoed by certain ancient traditions, for instance, here is the iconic cultural symbol of the Jinsha culture
      one can see there are four three legged crows(the Sun bird) flying around a dark area inside the Sun that looks like a gearwheel, is actually another representation of the rotating torsion energy associated with the Sun.

  3. Robert Barricklow on June 30, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Quantum optics will no doubt be an expensive coin of the realm. This coin will optimally be spun to capture the total spectrum dominance of profit at the highest frequencies posible, with not even allowing the slightest glint of profit, escaping from it’s black hole of a heart…
    …even it it means the death of nature herself.

  4. rich overholt on June 30, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    “Plants literally ‘eat’ light.”…and so do some holy men and women, in the frozen Himalayas (or wherever they happen to want to be at any given moment). Babaji comes to mind.

  5. marcos toledo on June 30, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Another poke in the eyes to our presto scientists mechanistic way of non thinking. We are dealing with anti biological biologist who mistake life with machines only when they stop wallowing in their delusions an start really thinking like scientist will they make the breakthroughs they long for. Nature does and has always known the way to true knowledge study it fools.

    • Enlil's a Dog on July 1, 2013 at 3:10 am

      Indeed, Marcos!!

      I can’t imagine Niek van Hulst receiving a congratulatory phone call from Tricky Dicky Dawkins or anyone of his ilk in the near future hahaha!! 🙂

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