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June 25, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we've been blogging here recently about GMOs, transhumanism, alchemical gold "stretching" and a host of other things like confused salmon that like to mate with trout, the world, of course, continues in its oligarchy driven spiral into Syrian chaos. And while all that was going on we had, of course, the G-8 summit with distinctly uncomfortable Presidents Obama and Putin squirming in chairs and giving off body language that would be a psychologist's delight.

In short, Russia is saying a very firm Nyet to the USA's and the West's attempt to get a no fly-zone over Syria, which, in practice of course, means that no one else can fly over the country except the USA, France, the UK and a few others who would have to fly over the no-fly zone in order to enforce it. I know it's confusing, but it's the sort of thing one expects from geopoliticians and other scions of oligarchical corruption. Anyway, here's Russia's Nyet:

Russia says it will not allow Syria no-fly zones

Ammunition Depot Blasts Russia

Now, of course, that was a couple of weeks ago, June 17, 2013 in fact. Then, a day latter, "mysteriously," a Russian ammunition dump blew up:

America strikes back Secret war well under way:Multiple explosions in Russia rock arsenal storing 13mln shells

Ammunition Depot Blasts Russia

Now, unless the Russians are as bad at handling explosives as Admiral Beatty's battlecruisers at Jutland, this one just doesn't sit right with me, and I suspect the second article has it correct in its headline suggestion that this is a covert ops "strike back" against Russia. So, for the sake of argument and barring official explanations, let's indulge in some high octane speculation.

Now, there's two components to my high octane speculation here: (1) the technology side, and (2) the political side. Let's take the technology side first. Readers of my books will recall a strange incident I recounted in the Giza Death Star trilogy of a Russian Rifle regiment, during World War Two, that came upon a German regiment what was...well...quite dead. But the manner of the deaths was mysterious: all the ammunition in their cartridge cases and ammunition boxes had simply exploded, apparently simultaneously. Locals described seeing a large ball of glowing air, rather like ball lightening, hover over the spot where the Germans were discovered. The long and short of it: apparently the ammunition had been exploded by some electromagnetic means, perhaps relying on some resonance effect. But the basic ideas are there, and for those following the theories of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, such things exist, and such things are capable of doing this sort of thing: exploding otherwise stable ammunition in ammunition dumps. So, perhaps, rather than view this as some covert operation caused by humint ("human intelligence") resources on the ground, one might attribute them to some sort of technologically induced effect.

Ok...I'll grant you, it's far-fetched, so let's move along to (2), the political side. Suppose, then, that this was a covert op, by the USA and/or one or two of its allies, utilizing on-the-ground humint assets on the ground.  If so, the Russians will quickly ascertain this (as they would in the case of a technologically-induced "message"), and they will respond.

I've been maintaining for some time on this site, that the covert operations game that the West, and chiefly the USA, has been playing with respect to Russia is a dangerous game. Two can play the covert operations game, and, using either technological or humint resources, blow things up, to the inconvenience and human cost of the other side. If these speculations be true, then we can expect a backlash, and unfortunately, that backlash can also come in the form of false flag events designed to cast suspicion and aspersion on "perpetrators" that might not actually be responsible. Since 9/11, it is a through-the-looking glass world.

See you on the flip side.