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June 19, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. The United Kingdom's The Guardian newspaper, which first broke the Ed Snowden/NSA affair, is now reporting that officials of various European powers and nations are "concerned" over whether or not the NSA is listening into them. Their concerns are justified, for an agency "data mining" (the older and more correct term is spying) on all of its own citizens in contravention of the spirit of its laws and constitution won't hesitate to spy on everyone else ...woops, I mean, "mine data" on everyone else as well.

World leaders seek answers on US collection of communication data

Now, note it's not just Europe, but Canada and other nations as well, that are expressing their "concern". Of course, close reading of the article will reveal that it isn't so much concern over whether or not the USA is snooping on Europeans (and everyone else, and it is), and collecting financially beneficial data as a result of said snooping, but also snooping on other oligarchs. After all, it's ok to video camera Mr. Average John Bull and read his email as he goes about his daily business in Nottingham, but one must not read the Queen's email.

I've been predicting for some time that the constant American meddling in other nations via its extensive covert operations apparatus, particularly in those nations along the periphery of Russia, would inevitably provoke a propaganda, and then a covert operations backlash, against the USA, a backlash capitalizing on the increasing discontent and growing mistrust among the American and other western populations. It will be all smiles and photo-ops as Mr. B.O. seeks to defend his administration and its policies in Europe, but rest assured, behind the scenes, it will be ugly, and with the trust in the USA eroding at an alarming rate, those hidden glowers, scowls, and frowns are only going to increase.

Then there is another factor: the growing activism of the BRICSA nations themselves.

Last week I noted that Russia was already talking about the possibility of granting Mr. Snowden asylum, and now, it's Beijing that's quietly floating the same balloon:

Edward Snowden: US-China relations tested as extradition battle looms

If it's not clear by now, the "war on terror" as practiced by the Bushnoids and Obamatards is costing America dearly in terms of its international relations. Sadly, few in Washington are learning the lessons. There was once another power with intelligence fingers in almost every nook and cranny of the known medieval world, from  London to Mongolia, intelligence fingers that were there to protect its far flung commercial empire.  In the course of its checkered history, that republic - in reality an oligarchical plutocracy - managed to get all of its neighbors so angry at it that they decided it was time to lance the boil. They weren't successful (a fellow by the name of Bonaparte finally lanced the boil); but it was never able to recover. That republic is now no more.

Its name was Venice. The city still stands, a reminder of the financial and geopolitical folly of unckecked oligarchical corruption. It's a lesson that must be learned, and learned quickly.

See you on the flip side.