Babylon's Bankers


June 15, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Amid all the recent news about IRS pressures on conservative political groups in the USA, and the more recent NSA-Snowden leaks affair, there's an interesting bit of news several of you shared with me, and it deserves some commentary. The news concerns the fact that the USA, in its spying on its various European allies (no surprise there, they spy on us too), most of its attention seems to be focused on - surprise surprise - Germany:

Germany most snooped EU country by US

One could argue, of course, that this snooping is merely being done as part of programs stretching back into the Clinton Administration as part of intelligence exchanges between Germany and the USA monitoring right-wing extremist groups - Neo-Nazis in other words - in both countries, as such groups often maintain international ties to each other. Indeed, then FBI director Louis Freeh and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl had worked out a number of such exchanges, which some argue included actual exchange of agents, one of whom may have been Andreas Strassmeir, son of Kohl's cabinet minister Guenther Stassmeir, in charge of the German reunification. Andreas Strassmeir is, of course, best remembered for his alleged peripheral - and still not well understood - roll in the Oklahoma City Bombing and his alleged relationship with accused and executed bomber Timothy McVeigh.

But I doubt this is the correct context in which to view the revelation of the extent of USA espionage on Germany. The more recent context, I suspect, is indicated by what I mentioned in last Thursday's (June 13, 2013) News and Views from the Nefarium. That context, I believe, includes the vast hidden system of finance that I believe was put into place after World War Two. As a component of this view, I also believe that the recent bearer bonds scandals were, in part, the triggering mechanism that began the slide of confidence in the financial system of the West.

With that said, I also believe that the German moves to repatriate its gold bullion reserves from the UK, France, and the USA, plus Chancellor Merkel's reluctance to kowtow completely to the rest of her NATO allies' ambitions in the Middle  East and elsewhere, would be reason enough for a more-than-paranoid intelligence community in the USA to watch Germany closely. After all, as I averred in the News and Views last week, and as I have pointed out in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, the entrance of the intelligence agencies into the financial world - along with the technologies they commanded - allowed them to manipulate markets, complete insider trading transactions on a scale never imagined before, and to create vast amounts of black leverage all for the purposes of creating a huge, entirely off the books, "slush fund" for covert ops and black research projects.

Let us note an additional implication then, one playing directly into the possible reasons Germany should be such a focus of US intelligence efforts: with such technologies able to mine data, it stands to reason that these technologies would give the intelligence agencies possessing them a fairly accurate estimation of the actual amounts of gold bullion in existence, and also where it was, and who had the ultimate ownership of the various 'paper gold' certificates.

But what US intelligence knows by dint of its technological data mining, the various European powers, Russia, China, and a few other nations, are also likely to know.

Fasten your seatbelts folks, because that means that cyber-warfare and economic warfare could be entering a whole new, coupled phase.

See you on the flip side.