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June 21, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Regular readers of blogs on this site will be aware that I've been arguing that incessant US unipolarity since the demise of the Soviet Union, coupled with a stepped up program of covert operations and "color revolutions" along the periphery of Russia in the former Soviet socialist "republics", would provoke an eventual backlash of similar operations against US interests by that country. Readers will also be aware of my hypothesis that the US was instrumental in the creation of a vast system of hidden finance, based in part of Axis Japanese and German plunder of Europe and Asia, and particularly, China, during World War Two. This is a story best known both by the perpetrators and victims of the plunder, as well as by the instigators of the hidden system.

Now, interestingly enough, Ed Snowden has alleged that the US has been hacking Chinese and Hong Kong sites - presumably "data mining" - for a number of years:

Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and China for years

I strongly suspect that the Chinese hacking is, at least in part, based on "data mining" of Asian gold purchases and the various financial institutions headquartered in Hong Kong. At the minimum, such "data mining" would give analysts a clear picture of Chinese economic strengths and weaknesses, and a picture of emerging trends and policies.  That is to say, I strongly suspect that the hidden player or story here is the financial one in general, and the gold story in particular.  Recall in this connection the "gold take down" that occurred on the same day as the "distraction" of the Boston Marathon bombing, and the curious suspensions, recently, of gold trading in certain well-known Asian brokerages.

If this hypothesis or reading of the situation be true, then we can expect more stories about gold trading to break from Asia, and we may expect increasing coupling of those stories to the issues of computer hacking, cyber-warfare, and security.  And there will be a covert pushback as well, as other nations step up their own "NSA" versions of similar financial data mining, and cyber-covert operations of a financial nature.

See you on the flip side.