1. Robert Barricklow:

    Anthrax was not mailed exclusively to legislators. The anthrax still killed people and Roberts ignored it.

    Do you mean to imply that somehow only Muslims are terrorists? Because that’s simply not true, and the mailed anthrax most certainly fits the definition of “terrorism”. But Roberts’ omission sure implies that he “thinks” that way–that only Muslims commit…

  2. He is so right. I have already seen a number of articles discredting Snowden, and from journalists I admire. Even if there was an alternate motive for Snowden coming out when he did and how he did, most think it is part of a campaign to discredit Obama, this does not detract from the Stasi state that has been created with no respect for other people. Prior to the Bilderberg meeting there was a meeting with Google, and at Bilderberg one of the main topics was curtailing internet freedom and implimenting more controls. It also struck me that the major targets in this exposure, not the we all do not already know we are being spied on, were Google, Face Book, Twitter and Skype. One of the most succesful and peaceful campaigns recently was the March against Monsanto, which resulted in worldwide support and full coverage on the internet. It was succesful due to the very channels that have been named, Google, Face Book, Twitter and Skype. I suspect that if there was any alternate motive then it would be to turn people away from using these channels for further promotions that are totally ignored by the MSM. Let’s face it, patenting seeds is a very big business and the March against them and the support worldwide is very threatening to this industry. Reminds me of the Ron Paul supporter last year who was arrested and put in a mental hospital, I noticed a sharp decline in posts on Face Book after that, and a number of people these days will scroll through the posts but make no comment or click like. Also on 9/11 last year all the posts about it being an inside job were removed, many peole lost a weeks worth of posting. And more recently I posted Jeffrey Sach’s talk on the Fed that was recorded in April, when I went back to find it for a reference, it had been removed, along with the whole conversation beneth it. So I really did not need Snowden to tell me we are all being spied on. So wheterh Snowden is upfront or has done it for another reason, is not really the issue. I think the issue is that the stroy has hit the MSM and is now well known world wide. And that is a wake up call, not only to other governments in other countires, but to all banks, businesses and security agencies. I can see the good old fashioned pen and paper coming back into vogue.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      And let’s not forget, that some of the history that remains in place(now & in the past), are flagrant lies, passed off as solid truth. WW11 comes to mind, and that deception, along with subsequent wars/conflicts, is in “our” time frame. Thus, one can see, that history, is as Napoleon said, an agreed upon fable, written by, for, and of/
      the puppet masters.

    2. “this does not detract from the Stasi state”- absolutely right- more proof that we actually live in Stasi state-

      former East Germany was nothing more than an extremely successful experiment proving that family/friends would gladly spy/rat on each other if they would receive personal gain- the horror stories of former East Germans since the fall of the wall are countless- all that aside the Stasi even employed non-East Germans; I worked twice with an Austrian stage director who was later exposed as having worked for the Stasi; in his statement on German TV he simply stated “I really didn’t do anything; I just accepted because I was curious to see what this all entailed”- right- and we can be sure his bank account got a bit rounder-

      interestingly enough a German former co-worker a few yrs. ago told me he read (but sadly didn’t cite source) that the Berlin wall was erected upon the insistence of the WEST!- don’t know if it’s true but it makes sense knowing how sinister geopolitics is

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Since the WESt was lead both into WW1 & WW11, it was but a small jester to comply with errecting an Iron Curtain with The Wall as it’s iconic symbol, & Israel as it’s Nation-State to do their bidding. An appropriate word, since in a cents it was a appropriation/ bought, signed, sealed and delivered.
        A Rothschild Virtual Nation-State?
        That runs the US foreign policy.
        And, lately(since 9/11), the domestic policy?

      2. if I may just add a humorous addendum to the concept “Stasi” (Stasi wasn’t exactly “funny” but if one has a sense of humor the following is- and we all need to keep a sense of humor otherwise we’re lost)-

        the name Stasi sounds like a girl’s nickname, right?:

        yrs. ago shortly after the fall of the wall there was a production of J: Strauß’ “Die Fledermaus” in which the “drunken jailor” in the last act (the stage producer himself) improvised and stated:

        “I’ve had many affairs with (burp) many women; I had affairs with Mitzi, Fritzi, Susie, Katie, Kathy, Sally, Bonnie, Annie (his list was endless) but I never had an affair with Stasi; I was told Stasi had something to do with just about every other person…” (lots of laughter from audience)-

        but it was truth in humor: almost 50% of DDR citizens were on the payroll of the Stasi

        1. Lots of good info and some humor in this thread, but just to bring it home, We all must download and save as much as we can, while we can still do so. Word to the wise………….

  3. marcos toledo

    What we have is the last days of the empire spying so much. That it will drown in a sea of useless information never finding out what is really happening in the real world. WHAT A JOKE.

        1. Oops, all of a sudden this message appeared, “This video contains content from Funny or Die, Inc., who has blocked it on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.”

          And, then this message from the White House, “Sorry for the inconvenience you experienced Mr. Putin. POTUS is too busy scheduling his next golf game and fund raising event to reply to your inquiry.”

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Yes Margaret, many times the comment section is often as good, if not better, than the article/video itself. I check the comment sections often, when visiting sites like blacklisted news. There a BLAST! It’s great to see people with passion. The humor is often/Laugh-Out-Loud Funny.

        2. Thanks, Margaret. Trevor’s idea is a bit silly and funny at the same time, but seems harmless enough. Along with passive resistance it would have a small affect. Everyone needs to start doing their part or they will steam-roll over us all.

          1. A man stood still in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, silent, staring straight ahead, unmoved for five hours in a peaceful form of protest against the ban on gatherings in the square. Word spread quickly. Others joined, at a distance, surrounding him with a human circle of protection. Eventually, police arrived and ended this ‘most poetic protest of recent times’ but Turkey’s “Standing Man” was more than symbolic for it showed how passive resistance can shake a state and inspire others. Let the stand-ins begin!
            Follow on Twitter #standingman #Duranadam

  4. Democracy Now interviewed “Chris Hedges, a senior fellow at The Nation Institute and former Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent for The New York Times, and Geoffrey Stone, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Stone served as an informal adviser to President Obama in 2008, years after hiring him to teach constitutional law.” Begins at about the 24 minute mark.


    Geoffrey Stone was asked to hypothetically provide any sort of defense for Snowden’s actions. After stammering and stuttering around he said he could not think of any defense for Snowden’s actions.

    Chris Hedges says he for-sees the end of the free press in America.

    If the US (in)Justice Department, in going after Bradley Manning and/or James Rosen, is allowed to erect a precedent in law that says any person in the US government who speaks to a journalist, who then reports that as news would be speaking to the public, which by a real twist of logic, the free press would then be considered to be speaking to the enemy.

    Oh, great! just what freedom loving people of America need, an established precedent in law that equates speaking to the media to be the equivalent to communicating with the enemy, which incidentally carries the death penalty. How many honest journalist are willing to die for reporting the news? Or, in the alternative, qualify for a trip to the local FEMA camp, courtesy of the NDAA law?

  5. Roberts’ objections are all well and good, also not new. Then he like so many neglects the fact that mailed anthrax killed people. (No this additional act of terror does not justify the illegal activities of the NSA and telecoms. But it’s really tiresome and means that Roberts uses people like Rudy Giuliani as his sourcing–kinda like “Obamatard”.)

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Anthrax was mailed to key legislators objecting to the Patriot Act. The anthrax was a message from those on the inside.
      Hint: Not muslins nor those outside the sphere of government/private contractors.

      There is no free press, except at places like this site.
      There are some despicable sites/where it is practised as well. Because that’s what a free press does, it offends; especially,
      those in POWER!

      1. I see the reply system is misdirection:

        Robert Barricklow:

        Anthrax was not mailed exclusively to legislators. The anthrax still killed people and Roberts ignored it.

        Do you mean to imply that somehow only Muslims are terrorists? Because that’s simply not true, and the mailed anthrax most certainly fits the definition of “terrorism”. But Roberts’ omission sure implies that he “thinks” that way–that only Muslims commit…

          1. RB-

            The fact remains that Roberts ignored the anthrax. The attack on LAX too. I don’t need to read his mind to be able to read his essay.

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