July 13, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about that nice bright shiny new NSA facility being built (for all to photograph from their spy satellites) in Utah. As we saw in yesterday's blog, a German company had crunched a few hypothetical numbers about the NSA's data mining capability and compared it with the old East German Stasi, which kept records on pretty much everyone and everything:

Info-graphic: NSA Is A Billion Times More Expansive Than The Stasi

Now, I don't have any difficulty whatsoever believing that German companies sit around and do this sort of thing for fun, or perhaps out of a deep cultural concern that is quite understandable. After all, the first victims of the Nazis were the Germans themselves, who had to live under almost as many alphabet intelligence and "security" agencies as we do (and that should give us pause). Not to mention that odd little fact that "National Security Agency" could easily translate into German as Reichsicherheithauptamt, the very name of its equivalent in Nazi Germany.  The resemblance is in more than just a name. The RSHA(to give it its German abbreviation), monitored all manner of telephone, radio, telegraph communications, and like its American counterpart, used IBM-provided computers to store and crunch numbers.

But I also suspect such studies are indeed being done by foreign powers nervously watching the growth of the American Empire via its information collecting and processing capability. Nervous eyes are doubtless also being cast on France and Great Britain, both of which possess similarly gargantuan electronic intelligence gathering capabilities (and let's not forget about the Japanese, or the Germans themselves). But towering over them all is the NSA.

So I have no difficulty this German study may represent the unofficial tip of something much more profound both in terms of analysis and conclusions being done within the German Federal Government. One can envision the results of the study being nervously presented to Fraubundeskanzlerin at her weekly body wax just as she's being dipped into the vat, while the sound system bangs out Preussens Gloria in the background: "It's much worse than we thought Madam Chancellor..." and so on.

So what might such a study have told Frau Merkel? Here the fun of it is, we get to play intelligence analysts and connect the dots with wild abandon, to construct the very worst of worst case scenarios.

Over several blogs on this and related topics, and in some of my more recent books, I've suggested that the central banksters were confronted with a newcomer in their old cartel game: intelligence agencies. In fact, they are the real competition, the real banksters. As such, this capability is, as Catherine Austin Fitts so aptly observed in our recent conversations, the ultimate insider trading mechanism. I would go so far as to suggest, it's the ultimate market rigging system. If one can coordinate that amount of data, and eavesdrop on virtually every electronic transmission, how easy it would be to do so, and, in the process, electronically delay transmissions, use the money in those nanoseconds for a little off-the-books high frequency trading of ones own, which, in conjunction with algorithmic trading, is a real market bender.

The other capability is, well, blackmail. Having trouble with that recalcitrant Tea Party? Or Occupy movement? the latest Senatorial newcomers? Old line party hacks? Just access their electronic control file. Even Presidents. Joint Chiefs of Staff.


So would you put all that capability in Utah? On the surface? I very much doubt it.

See you on the flip side.