cosmic war


July 22, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well if you've been following my blogs and thoughts the past few weeks, you'll have observed I've been connecting some apparently disconnected dots: space, advanced technologies, 3-d printing, and, yesterday, crowd financing and a bit of geopolitics, with just a hint of something "cosmo-political" lurking off stage. With that context in mind, Mr. S.D. and Ms. P.H. have shared two articles that give a hint of the geopolitical and potential cosmo-political contexts of my more-than-high-octane speculations of late:

Video: New Pentagon ‘Terminator’ Robot Developed for Street Use

"Self Replicating Robotic Space Probes Could Have Arrived in Our Solar System"

Beyond the issues of whether or not one would want such robotic technology falling into the hands of third world dictators (or for that matter, first world Anglo-American DARPAcrats or oligarchs), the question arises: why 3-d printing, and robots, now? One answer that I suggested yesterday was "re-trenchment," the necessity, in the wake of "pushback" on a variety of fronts, to secure the basis of power for that oligarchy, which was, and remains, North America.

The second article referenced above is typical of the sort of short-sighted thinking and "conventional technology wisdom" that is found in such studies, its underlying assumption being that the "ETs" are more or less in the same technology capability as we are. But it also suggests its inverse: we have been using robotic space probes for decades. I suspect our capabilities -at least in the black world - are far beyond what we might think.  And of course we have this bow to the conventional "nothing to see out here folks" wisdom:

"Likewise, the surface of the moon and portions of Mars have been searched at a sufficient resolution to have uncovered any non-terrestrial artifacts that could have been present. However, the deep oceans of Earth and the subsurface of the Moon are largely unexplored territory, while regions such as the asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt, and stable orbits around other Solar System planets could also contain non-terrestrial artifacts that have so far escaped human observation. Because of this plenitude of nearby unexplored territory, it would be premature to conclude that the Solar System is absent of non-terrestrial artifacts.'"

So far escaped human observation!?

I suspect that the reality is that quietly, within the circles of think tanks and study groups, the oligarchs have concluded that there is a strong prima facie case for the presence of artifacts in our solar system, and that the "robotic space probe" may now be possibly taking on some sinister significance. One might need vast amounts of robots...for a whole variety of reasons, one of them being, perhaps, to secure the sites we've already visited from prying eyes.

Yea, I know. It's wild speculation to be sure. But as Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts put it to me, if any of this speculation on these cosmo-political problems is true, then not to include it in our analyses, prospectuses, and so on, is a material omission...

See you on the flip side.