1. Thank you for this one, Dr. Farrell. I might not have undertaken to read it without your blog recommendation.

  2. Not saying the linked story isn’t true, or mostly true, but it doesn’t read too much differently than the “Montauk” books. Except here at least Scientology is an invented cult (of course it’s still one with an alternate earth history). And the copy editing is better.

  3. Over the horizon neurological weapons, aka mind control, indeed. But it’ll take the average reader ’til next July 4 to read the damn thing! Maybe that’s part of the mind controlling…

  4. I often say these days that I am living in the future I read about in so many prophetic books when I was a child. How staggering the denaturization and dehumanization of the world and how insane the hubris of those who have taken it upon themselves to play God–even if that god is that OT psychopath Yahweh.

  5. marcos toledo

    Looks like as always the X-Files and Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Fringe were dead on the money. If we had really won our freedom in 1791 we would have been lucky it only cost us a quarter of a nation citizens lives. But we finally doomed our nation in 1917 by entering the great war. Also by refusing to end our social wars against the poor and non European people around the world. HELL will be our legacy to history.

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