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July 29, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one was shared with me by Mr. P.T., a regular reader here, and I'm passing it along for a rather interesting reason, which I'll get to in a moment. But first, the short article:

U.S. Accused of Bioweapons

U.S.-Funded 100 mln Bio Lab Opens in Tbilisi

To be honest, my response to this, when I read it, was ambivalent. The Moscow Times...

There was a time when, had I read such an article, I would've laughed and dismissed it all as "Commie propaganda," but the world has changed dramatically. Now I read an article where Russia accuses the USA of making bioweapons in a former Soviet Republic (at a former Soviet bioweapons lab), and I believe them. The world is upside down. Washington, D.C. is the Barad-dur, deaf to the voice of the people. The NSA is the Lidless Eye of Sauron(New Sauron Agency). Our major manufacture? War. We export it. We import it. We make it domestic policy (War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Illiteracy, War on Bison [that's to take care of that Native population], War war war...). And now, we have a new twist: the war on terror, which is quite handy, because it allows you to combine foreign policy and domestic policy against a hidden enemy who can never be defeated, and hence, your wonderful Venetian system of Councils of Ten, Doges, oligarchs, Grain Offices, and rialto banks can go on and on and on and...

Or maybe America is Prussia, on steroids, complete with its own Junker class. The Reichstag is just for show.

But there's more to this, I think, and it's all that nasty geopolitics that's been going on since the collapse of the Soviet system in Russia. Georgia, home to one Iosef Visarionovich Djugashvili, was the scene of the whole South Ossetia fiasco a few years back. Remember that one? As the Olymipics were going on in Beijing, Mr. Putin decided enough was enough. Georgia, it seemed, was doing the compliant bidding of its masters in Mordor. And there were rumors at the time of Isreali connections there, and the Germans were caught red-handed selling arms to Ossetia. And the name of Zbgnw Brzznsk hovered in the background as the possible orchestrator of the whole affair. "No Mr. Gorbachev, we will not seek to expand NATO into the former Soviet Republics in an attempt to encircle Russia. You can relax."


So when the Russians make such statements now, I tend to sit up and take notice. And I tend to take them seriously. Especially when it appears that chemical weapons may have been introduced in Syria.

And not by the Russians(See Russia claims evidence of chemical weapons use by Syrian rebels.)

See you on the flip side.