July 8, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the past two days, I've been blogging about the emergence of GMOs as a political issue, and how Russia's warnings that it could trigger a world war have served notice that Russia intends to make GMOs a geopolitical issue:

RUSSIA Suggests that WAR May Be Necessary To Stop MONSANTO

Now it's time for the high octane speculation, which I present here as more or less a summary of an intriguing ten hours' conversation I had about a week and a half ago with my co-author Scott D dehart, and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts.

One of the things that Secretary Fitts suggested during the course of this stimulating conversation was that there had been a concerted effort to reorient the basis of the US dollar as the world reserve currency from petroleum, to food, and patentable GMO seeds were to have been the basis of this shift from one form of dollar to another.  However, as the above article indicates, the growing worldwide opposition to this new - and very toxic - form of food imperialism has backfired, and it will only continue to do so.

The move itself was - from the point of view of the Western financial oligarchs and DARPAcrats - a reasonable one, for both forms of "backing" for a dollar reserve currency status were based on finite, and controllable, resources. But the GMO food basis was a reasonable choice because it was (1) renewable (2) ultimately more valuable than petroleum, and (3) was something America actually made. It could be exported.

But the pushback on GMOs has been too vigorous, and now with Russia entering the fray, it is only going to increase. This has meant, as we discussed, that the financial oligarchs of the West have had to retrench. This has been done, in part, by calling in capital from those developing markets (as Secretary Fitts argued in our conversations) and closing off shore tax havens.

This, we think, is accompanied by a new move to return manufacturing on a large scale to North America, and the instrumentalities to do this will be via (1) lower energy costs - think of all those oil fields in the Dakotas, Montana, and Canada) and (2) large scale move to decentralized 3-d printing, brought out of its origins within black research projects  for manufacturing. (And think about that one, for a moment: 3-d printing most likely originated in the black budget, and may have been around for a long time. Why make it public now? We'll get to that below)

The question is, why?

I believe the answer - which I have been arguing for a number of years on The Byte Show and other venues - is that the financial-industrial-military-intelligence oligarchs over played their globalist hand, and realize it, and must now "secure their base", and by that I mean precisely their production and logistical base: North America, and to a lesser extent, Europe and Japan.

The question is, why make all this effort now? One answer that springs to mind is that for whatever reason, "They" need a dramatic and quick expansion of decentralized manufacturing. Since we have suggested that three-d printing originated in the black projects world, imagine how easy it would be to decentralize manufacturing for black projects. Individuals could be under contract to this or that government agency or corporation, producing a certain quantity of a "thing" whose parameters have been provided, and never realize that one was manufacturing a component for a sophisticated black projects drone utilizing, say, "magneto-hydrodynamic drives" with the latest quantum optics and longitudinal wave communications apparatus.

And why decentralized? Well, in a word, because it is much less easily targeted. In short, this retrenchment appears to be a "facing of the facts" on the part of those elites, and a preparation for...

....something. Just exactly what that something may be, I will leave to the reader's own thoughts.

See you on the flip side.