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It's not often I have some good news to report, but this is one of those times, and for those of us who remember "the good old days," this is good news. Art Bell, the host who made Dreamland and then Coast to Coast AM back in the 1990s, is coming back, and not a moment too soon:

Radio's Art Bell returning with Sirius XM show

Needless to say, I want to extend him and his many fans all best wishes for their new venture!


  1. I haven’t heard Art Bell but if you are on the east coast or central the schedule is perfect. Coast to Coast comes on 1am in NYC so unless you are a late night cab driver, unemployed, student, retired, or a late night toker you are not going to listen. You know there is censorship(connections to Clearchannel) going on at Coast to Coast and many of the guests aren’t that interesting or informative nor alternative. Yet it’s the only game in town for the computerless and there is good stuff/guests there. One of the hosts spews the “commies are taking over America” line. Do these types ever ask their parents,uncles,grandparents why they fought WITH the “commies” in WW2. NOPE. Easier to grab a coors light & turn on a John Wayne movie.

  2. marcos toledo

    Yes Enrico books ,movies,television and now radio is priced out of our reach. We are the proles left out in the dirt to starve and wither garbage so to speak. Nickled and Dimed to death.

    1. All true but the automobile/truck remains the greatest wealth destroyer, impovisher of them all ………….though college costs are a fast closing second. Also think of all the money wasted on garbage, processed,and/or microwaveable food at the supermarket. Think of this crap americans consume.

    2. American society is organized like we are all standing under a giant money/wealth sucking vacuum cleaner. We are all saps. But we as individuals need to make better choices. Cable,cell phones can be eliminated. If your best friend lives next door do you both need $180 cable bills? When I commuted to NJ I paid $250 monthly just in tolls! But the only demonstrations were when the subway went up 5cents.

  3. Great news! Yes, those were ‘good old days’, or great nights, spent listening in the dark, taking that mystery ride with Art Bell broadcasting from the Kingdom of Nye. I don’t know anyone with Sirius XM – and I sympathize with Enrico for the same reasons – but I suspect generous, sympathetic fans will post archives on the internet. Any bets on Hoagland being the first guest on the first night? Adding my wishes for much success and many years on air.

  4. It is wonderful for Art and those who can either afford Sirius or will be able and willing to sacrifice 15 to 20 dollars a month for the privilege of being able to listen to his show. I am sorry. I think it is absurd. I am going to retire next June and although I will be receiving social security, a public employee’s retirement pension and have my employer pick up the 20% medicare doesn’t pay for medical for the rest of my life, I cannot afford to shell out 15 to 20 dollars a month just to hear Art. There will probably be a lot of people who in the excitement will start subscriptions but after a few months as the novelty wears off they will realize the economic realities. I was a long time fan of his show all through the ’90s and I wish Art well in his endeavor. I for one cannot justify the cost in this age of “poverty” we middle class and others are settling into. Reminds of the book,”Nickeld and Dimed”!

    1. Maybe you can find some buddies & chip in for a subscription and listen together. Carpooling so why not radio pooling?

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