cosmic war


August 28, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the spate of articles appearing about the latest technology fad, 3d printing. But this one I couldn't resist, since it was posted on my Facebook wall by a Facebook friend who had read the blog I composed a few days ago called "3D Printing Update: Biology and Space."  I've been arguing, as regular readers here know, that the 3d printing phenomenon is in part (1) an elite-driven meme, designed to plant the concept in the wider culture, for the purposes of long-term cultural transformation. (2) This in turn arises out of the oligarchs' need to retrench themselves back into their power base of North America, and to bring manufacturing "back home" in a major way, while dispersing and decentralizing it. (3) This is being done simultaneously as the oligarchs are promoting the development of energy resources indigenous to their power base, and not dependent on Middle Eastern or other sources,whose reliability is always in question. (4) The technology represents a deliberate leak from the black projects world, and was in fact developed some time ago when it first made a public appearance.

Finally, I have argued that the technology is in fact one crucial component of any practical system of teleportation, and additionally, that in its current known state, it could be used to manufacture parts in space, in an effort to drive down space costs. It is, however,  with the teleportation prospects that we are concerned, for when 3-d printing and all the scanning technologies being developed are connected, it becomes possible to argue that some hidden hand is driving the quest to achieve Star Trek like capabilities, not only with teleportation - the "transporter-beam-me-up Scotty" technology - but also the replicator, the microwave-like appliance that zaps up chocolate sundaes and Earl Grey tea by rearranging the molecules of whatever else happens to be lying around.

In other words, a sure sign that the powers that be are going after all this technological wizardry would be to see not only if they are contemplating moving three d printing into space (and they are, as we've seen in the past few days), but if they intend to "print food" with it.

Well, they are intending precisely that:

3d Printed Food Development Funded by NASA

The benefits of such a technology for deep space exploration by humans on long journeys would be obvious, the ability to print food would alleviate the need to bring along a food supply, or perhaps not as much as without the capability. And - to put it as delicately as possible - three-d printing might inevitably prove to be the ultimate water and waste purifier. In any case, this little video is yet another clear indicator that with the 3d printing story, one has to connect the dots of what is actually being done, not only with scanning, entanglement, manufacture, but with what they want to use it for, and who is behind its development.

See you on the flip side...