August 19, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

My thanks to Mr. A.F. for bringing this to my attention, for these two articles over the next two days need to be pointed out, and talked about.

Why am I so enthused?

Truth to tell, I am not so much enthused as I am intrigued, for it would seem that aspects of my basic "post-9/11 analysis model" are also being entertained in other circles. The ?"post-9/11 model" is simply this: that the event was an op within an op within an op, and that this means it was a deeply penetrated operation, that there was - to coin an expression whose true significance will be evident in a moment - a "third force" or actor on the stage beyond the first two levels. The first level was simply the terrorists themselves. The second level was that "rogue group" within the American national security-political-military establishment that had contrived the operation as a means of injecting more American power into the Middle East, and to use a "war on terror" to expand its own police state powers. But at a much deeper level, there was a hidden player, perhaps a rogue group within the rogue group, but its actions were completely unknown to the first level, and came as a shock to the second.

Now here's the thing: whether my model of the sad events of that day is true or not, it did serve to make me notice something else that began to happen in the wake of 9/11, namely, that the western power oligarchs, the financial elites of London and New York, seem to begin to unravel; they began fighting each other, they began to lose their unity of purpose. In the bailout hearings, it even struck me that they were showing the clear signs of panic, of being under duress and pressure from some outside force. The requests for "no oversight" during the bailout hearings in Congress reminded me of a kidnap victim's family, begging for money from the authorities, and pleading that there be no police following him or her as they went to make the payoff and (hopefully) redeem the situation.

Now this type of analysis seems to be getting attention elsewhere:

Banking Scandals as a Mirror to the Struggle for World Domination (I)

The parasitic and predatory behavior that we have come to expect from large banks is evident in this paragraph:

"A series of scandals also broke out this summer related to the fact that banks have moved beyond financial markets, establishing themselves in commodities and energy markets and manipulating prices. The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ordered the British conglomerate Barclays to pay a fine for manipulating electricity prices in the state of California. It was also reported at the end of July that the FERC had accused America’s largest financial conglomerate JP Morgan Chase of manipulating electricity markets, first and foremost in the state of California and the US Midwest. The Wall Street bank is now being threatened with a fine to the tune of US $400 million."

It's a handy thing: to be able to manipulate electricity costs, while simultaneously promoting memes of "global climate change"(note the change in language from global warming) and promoting yet another "security," the weather derivative.

But such shenanigans don't really concern us here. I suspect our real clue lies here:

"Experts have hinted that financial regulators like these and other “overlookers” could even reach as far as the well-known London “gold fixing”, which has been in operation since 1919. The gold fixing is the procedure by which the price of gold is determined. It involves a total of five companies and banks that fall within the Rothschild clan’s sphere of influence. The machinations of this fixing are not really known, but everyone involved in the world gold market is guided by London prices. Gold fixing prices not only directly or indirectly influence the gold market, but all financial markets. “Gold fixing” is a kind of control centre for the global finances of a small group of moneylenders.Is it really possible that some “regulators” could be having a go at the inner sanctum of global finances?"(Bold-italics emphasis added)

In other words, the weirdness of the behavior of gold is the sure sign of major factional infighting among the very highest echelon of the globaloney elites, the Rockefailures, and the Rottenchilds, and their various financial satraps. And, lest we forget, this assault on the gold center was an assault not just on the idea of gold as "real money" - near and dear to the Austrian School of economics - it was an assault on the whole structure of western finance in the postwar age, a structure which, unlike many analysts, I believe to be built upon the entire multi-trillion(and more probably, multi-quadrillion) dollar system of entirely hidden finance that was created as a top secret slush fund by the Truman administration to fund postwar covert operations and black projects research. The basis of that system was and is gold, specifically, the gold and other loot plundered from Europe by the Nazis and Fascists, and from Asia by the Imperial Japanese. Financially, in the postwar world, there was a "new Axis," a Tokyo-Bonn-Wall Street Axis.  And the creation of this Axis spelled something else: it spelled the entry of the intelligence community directly as competitors to the established central banks.

I strongly suspect that the factional infighting we are observing is thus vastly more complex than it might at first glance seem, for in addition to subtle hints of Rockefeller-Rothschild meltdowns, in addition to infighting between the continental and English branches of the Rothschild family, we may add the pressures being brought to bear by Russia, China, and the BRICSA "alliance," and more fundamentally, the assault on western central bank gold reserves that began when the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela demanded the return of his country's gold from the New York Fed, followed closely thereafter by Germany's insistence.  That action, I believe, ultimately triggered the run on real gold.

A hint of the interwoven nature of this factional infighting is aptly summarized in these two paragraphs:

 "A typical European bank that has been a victim of judicial prosecution is Deutsche Bank. This officially German, but in fact international, bank (the largest in Germany) is under the control of the Rothschilds. As a result of scandals (first and foremost regarding the Libor rate), it has suffered serious losses. While the bank’s net profit in 2011 equalled EUR 4.3 billion, at the end of 2012 this had fallen to EUR 0.7 billion (the lowest figure since the 2008 crisis). For the period 2013-2015, the bank’s management has been forced to declare an austerity regime.

"Another bank involved in the scandals – The Royal Bank of Scotland, part of the Rothschilds’ empire – is in an even worse position.The latest crisis had a serious impact on the bank, which has been practically nationalised (80 percent of its capital was bought by the British government). While RBS losses amounted to US$2 billion in 2011, by the end of 2012 this had quadrupled to US$8 billion."

The Royal Bank of Scotland, you'll recall, was also the target of Baron Blackheath's remarks concerning strange behavior regarding that bank, and others, with respect to the amounts of gold in the world.

The bottom line, is this:

"These conflicts often boil down to the struggle between the two banking groups of the New World and the Old World, to the struggle between American and European banks. Simplifying the issue, journalists sometimes say that the struggle is between banks on Wall Street and banks in the City of London. As has already been stated, the victims of the banking scandals are primarily European banks, including British banks (the City of London). In my opinion, however, this “geographical” approach to an analysis of the banking scandals simplifies the picture too much. It would be more correct to talk about the struggle between two main financial and banking clans – the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. It is these two who are currently the main shareholders of the US Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Reserve is the central institution of the global financial system.While the West had a common enemy in the USSR, conflicts between the two main FRS shareholders took second billing. Today, however, following the global financial crisis, the continued existence of the FRS is under threat and the principle shareholders have different ideas about a way out of the crisis. This has intensified the conflict, with everybody starting to pull the blanket over to their side. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers have started to rock the boat known as “the global financial system”. It is true that an incident took place in May 2012 which many believed to be significant. This was the strategic alliance agreed upon by the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties. As part of the alliance, the exchange-listed assets of Jacob Rothschild’s investment trust RIT Capital Partners and the company Rockefeller Financial Services were joined together, and RIT acquired a 37 percent stake in a company that manages the assets of the Rockefellers. Somebody saw this development as an end to the war between the clans and a sign of the global oligarchy’s consolidation under the aegis of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. I am convinced that the move was symbolic – it was not followed by a chain reaction."

Or to put it more simply:

"Banking scandals are evidence of the fact that the global elite are far from consolidated; it is divided according to interest groups.There is an intense and relentless struggle going on between various groups for survival, influence and world domination."

True enough as far as it goes, but this analysis strikes me, once again, as ignoring the clear signs of a "third force" on the scene, one powerful enough, perhaps, to compel such symbolic agreements between New and Old World banking dynasties, one wanting its money back, or one powerful enough to compel those two factions to bury whatever hatchets they were wielding against each other, to make common cause against the player they crawled into bed with after World War Two: the national security-intelligence state, and international Fascism.

... after all, the one can read Mr. Rockefeller's and Mr. Rothschild's email and monitor their phone calls, and employ its massive computers and the best code-breakers in the world to decrypt whatever messages they send, to eavesdrop on their every machination.

And the other? Well, given the postwar developments and penetrations into radical Islam and international drug trade, it has that all-important "humint" component, to use the lingo of the trade, and can reach out and touch literally any member of those dynasties in all manner of unpleasant ways.

Maybe what we have been watching, then, is the mad scramble of people who made what they thought was a "great deal" at the end of World War Two, but now the loan sharks have walked into your place of business (your local prime international bank), and demanded their money... with interest. And just to reinforce the point, they've sent along two suited gorillas with prominent bulges under their arms.  And for good measure, knocked off a few prominent bankers and investors along the way, to convince you they're very serious.

There's more, of course, but that will have to wait until tomorrow...

See you on the flip side.