Babylon's Bankers


August 10, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

These two articles appeared in Russia Today (RT),and they are worth pondering. The first concerns a recent "gaff" made by Senator Diane Feinstein during a Senate Committee Hearing, and a recent unilateral decision by the German government. But first, Senator Feinstein's Gaff:

Mexico and Canada declared part of US homeland by Senate maps

Now, for those who've been following the conspiracy literature, the idea of a North American political and economic union has been around since, well, since Gary Kah if not longer. People laughed at such researchers back then, but while "they" were laughing, the powers that be were plotting GATT, then NAFTA, and of course, more recently, the whole idea of the "Amero", the North American equivalent to the stunning and wild success of the "euro."  And let's not forget, the Bilderbergers in the last decades of the 20th century were actually attempting to "disband Canada" by sponsoring an "Independent Quebec", which would then be openly annexed by the USA in its very own Anschluss.

So Senator Feinstein may not, indeed, be committing a gaff. Indeed, given the recent "revelations" about the NSA, it only stands to geopolitical reason that the USA's intelligence agencies would look upon North America as their own fiefdom, national sovereignties notwithstanding.

But I submit there may be a deeper agenda in play, and it is precisely the theme of "retrenchment" that I have been hypothesizing lately, a retrenchment made necessary by the "pushback" the Anglosphere oligarchs have been receiving, mostly from Russia, but now with the formation of the BRICSA understanding. I have detailed this hypothesis in the past few days, so I won't repeat my arguments here. Simply suffice it to say that I believe that Senator Feinstein is giving us a subtle signal of this retrenchment.

Then, there is Frau Bundeskanzlerin Merkel. Germany, it seems, is suspending until further notice its agreement with the USA to share intelligence gathered electronically:

Germany scraps old surveillance pact with US, Britain over NSA leaks

Now as the article avers, this could be simply in response to the domestic political realities in Germany. Germans, for good reason, view such massive spying with a great deal of skepticism. They, like the Russians, have lived in totalitarian states with great technical resources, and a culture of domestic spying. The German government's decision could thus be viewed, in one sense, as window-dressing, a pro forma break while the spying and intelligence swaps continue secretly.

But I suggest that the move may be real, that it may be viewed as a part of the growing disillusionment and pushback against the power-mad Anglosphere oligarchs and their lust for control. After all, this move would be consonant with German attempts to repatriate their gold reserves from the US Federal Reserve in New York - so far, as we know, that effort has been met with stonewalling on the part of the Fed's apparatchiks and the Anglosphere nomenklatura. This move would also be consonant with growing German-Russian cooperation, and with the growing disillusionment in Europe against the Anglo-Sphere.

In short, I submit these two articles are more little bits of data to add to the growing list that a retrenchment into North America is being implemented by the Anglosphere oligarchy.

See you on the flipside.