August 13, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was shared with me by a regular reader here, Ms. M. W., and because of what we've been talking about lately regarding Anglosphere retrenchment, this has to be passed along:

Monsanto Stock in Danger, Investor Warns

Now, readers here will know two things about me: (1) I'm not opposed to technology nor even the use of technology to improve agricultural production provided adequate testing has been conceived and executed before its public use, and (2) no such adequate testing even remotely approaching a common sense level was done in the case of GMOs. In fact, as Dr. Scott deHart and I detailed in our book, in some cases, scientists who had raised concerns or objections were deliberately silenced by the heavy hand of modern corporate fascism.

In a sense, then, as the article's author points out,

"Mr. Umiastowski adds that 'the trend will be toward more ingredient labeling, not less. And, this poses a big danger to Monsanto.'  Equally important, he continues, 'personally, I’d rather own a business that is not only growing at a solid clip, but feels good to hold in my portfolio.  For me, Monsanto doesnt cut it.'

In other words, investor-market karma may be coming home to roost, and given its tactics in the past, one may be inclined to think "and none too soon."

But I suspect there is a deeper story here, one tied to Catherine Austin Fitts' idea that GMOs may have been in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the method conceived by the Anglosphere oligarchy to transition the US dollar's reserve status from oil and energy to food supplies that were subject to patent law and royalty.  With the pushback on GMOs, first from India and then growing to include significant European nations - France, Poland, Germany, and now Italy - this plan had to be abandoned. The opposition has become too strong and will only continue to grow.

So again, I suspect, this is yet another little data point to add to that list of indicators that a retrenchment is possibly under way.

See you on the - oh, one more thing. You probably missed this one on Faux news, SeeNoNews, SeeBS, and so on, so RT (as usual) is reporting it:

Another win for Monsanto: US raises allowable levels of company’s pesticide in crops

See you on the flip side.