Joseph makes announcements concerning Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, and The Financial Vipers of Venice, plus some announcements about the internet computer issues, then talks about the science fiction implications of the following articles that will transform human society and civilization in the next three to four generations:


NASA's First Step Towards a Replicator: 3D Printing in Space

The ultimate Star Trek gadget: Point-and-shoot scanner copies and creates almost any item using a 3D printer Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Teleported by electronic circuit: Physicists 'beam' information



    1. In my American Heritage College Dictionary patristics means the writings, acts and lives of the Church Fathers by Exo-Patristics you mean the writings and acts of the gods.

      1. “Any sufficiently advanced
        technology is indistinguishable
        from magic.”―Arthur C. Clarke
        Profiles of the Future: An
        Inquiry Into the Limits
        of the Possible

  1. jedi

    I’m not a techno-quean. But if you can slow down light, then the reverse is possible too. But then thinking along these lines is rather primitive.

    C’mon, Jedi, if you’re truly a knight, then don’t you think it’s all been done before? Can you do it now?

    At least that’s my drift after reading Farrell……

    1. i am just a normal guy, with some special genes. I even have tracking devices.

      this finding further expose Einstie,n if true. As for light, binary messages can be transmitted within it. A purpose of the pyramids.

      God is light, talks through it.
      He rested on the 6th day. 6 times 6 times 6. Diameter of earth, moon with factors of 10. 10 binary..

  2. More like ‘beam you down Scotty’.

    Get real. Money isn’t everything.

    Venice is on the way out.

  3. Firstly Feral House needs to be “flogged” for delaying the “Vipers of Venice”.

    Secondly, beam me up scotty, well it would do away with 747′.

  4. Are there any Exo-Translators in the House?

    Capable of ‘paronomastic’ methodological examinations of radically alien texts?

    Like the Sumerian and Akkadian texts?

    You know, like outta the Baghdad Hotel?

    C’mon, gimme a break

  5. Asteroid recovery technology? Hardly, my dears. Read the seminal text GENES, GIANTS, MONSTERS AND MEN. Obviously the enlightened intelligentsia of at least one faction of the TPTB are onto the track. The recovery of more than just lost Lunar or Martian or Saturnian moon artifacts is now on the Event Horizon agenda. My guess is that now that we’re back in the game again, perhaps there won’t be suddenly a Tower of Babel moment to silence our species once again. Yawn.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Just like the major tobacco companies patented “Acapulco Gold” & Panama Red”; I can see “Make It So”, alreadt copy righted to a 3-D company

  7. Once again, Joseph you’ve succeeded in some wonderful extrapolation, all of which rises above mere speculation. Even ‘high-octane’ in substance. Great stuff!
    I shall do a bit of my own… GMO’s. Why bother monstersanto? It goes beyond patents-for-profits. Into, control of all food supplies… wait for it… into 3-D printing of all foods. Thus, restricting who eats and what, removing through geoengineering, the ability to grow one’s own food from the soils.

    I will leave it at that tid bit. For now…. Onward and Upward. Thanks for all your research and bravery in bringing it to us!

  8. if 3d printers can print body parts like arteries and organs, how long before a human being can be printed?

    1. -“Aerojet Rocketdyne designed and fabricated the 3D printed engine injector while NASA’s Glenn Research Center and the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base in California helped it test the component.”
      -“Lockheed Martin and Sciaky partner on electron beam manufacturing Of F-35 parts”
      These “cutting edge” technologies utilizing 3D-printing just happen to have help from Edwards Air Force Base and Lockheed Martin. Reminds me of “Area 51” and what Ben Rich said “We now have the technology to take ET home.”
      So for me,Dr.Farrell is right on by saying 3-d printing technology is “a deliberate leak of a technology developed in the black world.” If i think this technology is just useful at making Hobby figures and door knobs then i’d rather expect “gizadeathstar” doing re-estimation on how many slaves were employed to build the great pyramid instead.
      And speaking of “Area 51”, here is a new RT article on it
      Given the recent revelation by Barnaby Jack that pacemakers can be remotely controlled or hacked, and given they have based on their idea of “control food and you control the people” to create something like the “terminator seed”, who can guarantee they won’t create a “terminator cell” in 3d-printed body parts? Bottom line is can’t trust those who have the cutting edge technologies but are morally bankrupt. Nonetheless these technologies will change the civilization on this planet in the coming decades. Transition to type 1 civilization was never a smooth ride.

    2. My thought when I heard this was not transportation but life extension. Using MRI or other xray like technology, scan a person’s healthy body parts so that when they wear out, a replacement can be 3d printed.

  9. Science fiction is once again proving to be closer to fact. Quite a way to go but we’re getting there Star Trek maybe closer than we all think though we have had a forty year delay.

  10. Some high octane speculation: a Star-Trek-like “transmission beam” based on quantum computing, quantum entanglement with three-d scanning and printing technology at each end—could definitely effect the Realpolitik situation today. In terms of energy, transportation, politics. My guess is that before the Cosmic Wars, the Kharsag TPTB had access to such technology—and that for some reason we’re being permitted access once again? A test? To see if we’re mature enough for another round at the exo-cosmic game? Enuma Elish gangbusters again?

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