1. Robert Barricklow

    The problem with the electromagnetic battlefield is one, not of future shock; but Present Shock. Where time, …one iota past now, is just too damn slow. Thus, your going to subject the weakest link(human) in the “kill-chain” to a robotic solution. This “solution” the moves up the food-chain, as in the market-place, where the workers, once replaced by the robot, becomes the mid-level management, replaced by sophisticated software; to the CEO replaced by 4th & 5th generation analogrithms(madeup?), designded by 2nd & 3rd generation analogrithms. Are these “transgenic formulas” to become our new electromagnetic battlefield commanders?
    Sophisticated “untested (in real-time warfare)programs.
    Making a past Dr. Strangelove, looking strangely now sane,
    compared to the “Present Shock solutions”.

    Those UFO cowboys were/are reminscent of the cavalry riding in to save mankind from his own damn self.
    If they were to “find them” today, the asylum would lock them up.

    Is the insane aslum running the show?
    Or is it, bottom/line, just show business?

  2. Who will finally stop these psychos once and for all they kill us all if their not stop thrill killers jerks.

  3. I grew up on SAC bases with bombers (actually miss the sound of the jets – sigh), and know that military radars as early as the mid 1950s could easily ignite the camera flashbulbs of the times from a mile or so away, so today’s gear can certainly do much more.

    Given the 35-50 year (or more) lead in black project science, this is obviously part of the preparation of the general populace for the introduction of the tech into the mainstream.

    It is easy to see the advantages of robotic warriors – no need for food, no need for life support (can function in the vacuum of space . . . ), less sensitive to G-forces in regular flight modes, no conscience, etc. The whole Terminator thing. Great for fighting aliens – also explored in Stargate SG-1 in numerous ways.

    There are down sides as well, such as mechanical and electronic reliability, malfunction (witness the slaughter when that robotic anti-aircraft gun test went sideways in South Africa), spare parts, etc.

    There are also psychological, political, and social considerations, some of which were explored in the November 1969 Analog short story “Gottlos,” which I highly recommend. (I am going to try and get some reprints.)

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