August 30, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

The movement against GMOs and, more importantly, the special privileges granted to agribusiness giants like Mon(ster)santo, has now apparently spread to Chile, according to this report from RT (Russia Today):

Chile fights GMO in national protest against ‘Monsanto law’

According to the article, Chileans are under no illusions about the effect, and the goal, of the law:

“'This law puts seeds into the hands of a few transnational companies,' said Ivan Santandreu, a member of Chile Sin Transgenicos (Chile without GMOs) on Radio Universidad de Chile. 'This measure does not contribute to the innovation and wellbeing of independent farmers at all. What it does is put food sovereignty at risk by making it dependent on big corporations.'" (Italics in the original)

What intrigues here is RT"s interpretation, its "take," on the move:

"Monsanto has been the target of mass protests recently over the safety of their genetically modified products. In spite of the fact the transnational maintains its products are all perfectly safe, serious doubts have been raised. The transnational has been trying to expand into Europe, but has been thwarted by bans on GMO products in France and Germany."

The "serious doubts," as we have detailed on this site, are serious enough to have raised the concerns of the French and German governments, and they are not alone in Europe. Hungary and Poland have issued limited bans, and more importantly, Russia, with its vast agricultural resources, does not appear eager to embrace the GMO habit.

The willingness of a major media outlet like RT to discuss or even present the issue of GMO protests should speak for itself. For some time, I have been maintaining and predicting that the GMO issue constitutes a geopolitical hot potato, one which, if the heavy-handed tactics employed by the agribusiness giants are not re-thought, could hand the BRICSA coalition a wedge issue to expand their influence in Latin America, long a North American fiefdom. For some time I've been maintaining and predicting that the BRICSA nations will eventually seek to expand their influence by marketing worldwide the heirloom seeds that the agribusiness giants, through their enormous influence over agricultural policy in North America, apparently seek to ban altogether.  RT is treading where few, if any, of the major corporatized western media will tread.

The next real step for GMOs?

I rather suspect that GMO marijuana, complete with all the "approved additives", is already being stored in the warehouses of St Louis, ready for states to legalize the plant - yea, consider that one, legalizing a plant! -  so that the agribusiness wonder-corporations of Duponzanto et al can swoop in, demand patents on their improved pot, and ban the growing of the real thing under various regulatory excuses. That's when the real fun will begin, because, of course, they will  be bucking heads with various underground criminal organizations, and cutting into the drug-running profits of various intelligence agencies.

See you on the flip side.