Cosmic Warfare


August 21, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

A regular reader here, Ms. P.H., knowing of my interest in crop circles, sent me this article, and since crop circles were a focus of my most recent book, Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, it's worth addressing here:

Crop flops: Why are crop circles dying out?

Now, beyond the subtle attempt of the article to maintain that (1) most if not all crop circles are the products of hoaxers and (2) that most crop circles occur within a small area of England, there is much in this article that disturbs.

We may dispense with the idea that crop circles are a purely English phenomenon, because they are found in almost all countries, and additionally, not all "crop" circles occur in crops. Such designs have been found in a variety of media, including thin ice, and all of this suggests to me (nd other researchers such as Freddy Silva[Secrets in the Fields] or Linda Moulton Howe[Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles]), as I pointed out in Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, that these designs are not the products of hoaxers with boards in East Anglia with too much time on their hands, but that they are plasma events, and this, in turn, implied a technology under intelligent control to produce the complex designs in evidence. The idea of perpetrating a hoax on a global scale with crop circles and "guys with boards" is, in my opinion, an absurdity. For the record, I took the position in Covert Wars and Clash of Civilizations that some of the circles not only evidence a technology under intelligent control, but also that this technology was within human capabilities.

This may seem to be a conclusion that exceeds the evidence, until one recalls that many of the most complex formations that have been documented, contain not only evidence of formation by high energy plasma events and microwaves, but also that the designs themselves appear based on a thorough and well-informed knowledge of obscure areas of human esoteric and occult tradition. Such designs were, in effect, a "signature of the artist," in this case, humanity, and whoever controlled the advanced technology making the designs.

So why the sudden decline and the obvious hoaxed effects in evidence in this article? I suggest one purpose might be rather obvious, namely to emphasize the difference between the genuine article and the hoaxed ones, that it, those displaying the mathematical complexity, familiarity with esoteric tradition, and creation via microwaves and other manipulated EM energies and plasmas, and those that are the products of "Bob and Harry with their boards." Here, one notices another effect of the article, another manifestation of the "Roswell dialectic," that one must be a believer either in hoaxes, or "messages from ET,"  and either position is, in my opinion, an over-simplification. Certainly crop circles have not been proven to be merely the products of hoaxsters, as the article alleges. But neither have they been proven to be the result of "messages from ET."

Here, like all else in the strange world of covert wars, UFOs, hidden technological and national-security elites, the real story is probably much more complex. In Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations I suggested that they may represent several things at the same time: (1) psychological operations both against the general population and against whatever, or whoever, may be "out there," attempts to suggest that humanity was capable of manipulating electromagnetic energies in a complex and detailed fashion, (2) that they may accordingly also represent "calibration" exercises of some sort, and finally (3) since some designs show clear evidence of deep familiarity with esoteric and occult tradition, they may also represent attempts at ritual magic, geomancy, and "communication" by other means, an attempt, perhaps, to "invoke" ancient intelligences via a combination of technological means with esoteric tradition, a process that in the book I called "anamnetic technologies," after the Greek word anamnesis, Plato's process of remembrance and recollection.

That implies both a message, a sender, and a receiver. If indeed there was or is a receiver of these messages, then perhaps the lull in genuine circles represents a lull in the conversation, or, perhaps, a suspension or breaking off of negotiations.

...See you on the flip side.