cosmic war


August 15, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one was sent to me in a comment on the website by "H," and it's one of those things that, I admit, make me go "hmmm..." and to entertain a variety of speculations, all of which vastly exceed the evidence for them, of which there is exactly none. Russia, and China, it seems, are holding joint "anti-terrorism" military exercises near Chelyabinsk, the site of last year's "accidental" meteor explosion and event:

Chinese troops of 'Peace Mission - 2013' arrive at exercise area

Now, I have to wonder about the anti-terrorism angle. Given the USA's sponsorship via a variety of fronts of various "color revolutions" inside of the former Soviet republics, plus the more recent South Ossetia adventure, which Mr. Putin very effectively put down during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, one wonders if by anti-terrorism the two major powers of the BRICSA concords are not serving notice that "two can play the terrorism false-front game." With recent revelations of an increasing USA presence in the former Georgian Soviet republic, this only seems more likely.

But then, on top of all of this, there's the Chelyabinsk meteor connection. I made no secret here that I suspected the whole meteor thing was evidence of some sophisticated technology possibly in play, and some equally sophisticated technology possibly in play in its destruction. The presence of a joint Russian-Chinese anti-terrorism military exercise in the very city that was "host" to the meteor event raises my suspicion meter into the red zone, and the anti-terrorism message, viewed in that connection, is profoundly disturbing, for it would place the event in the "terrorism" category, and if that be the case, then a joint Russian-Chinese mission of this sort is signaling that they know it was such, and are not intimidated.

Either way one slices it, I suspect there is more here to these exercises than meets the eye. Of course, the anti-US agenda would seem to be the most plausible. It's that other one, however, that still has me concerned.

See you on the flip side.