1. So we have another Bormann escape story … Which is most likely: 1) that he escaped via Britain with the help of MI6 (the Christopher Creighton scenario, as mentioned in the article), 2) that he was aided by the Vatican ratline and traveled to Argentina disguised as a Jesuit Priest in 1948 (the Paul Manning scenario) or, 3) that he was picked up together with Heinrich Muller in Hamburg in May,1945 by the German U-boat U-234 and dropped off in Spain before going on to Argentina (the Carter Hydrick scenario) ?

    1. True, a bit confusing, but I think it’s quibbling about details. In fact, all 3 lines might’ve been used to ferry important Nazis out of harm’s way. The fact that Bormann *was* down in S.America and cashing checks from Deutsche Bank til at least 1967 is more important.

      The biggest bombshell from the article (for me) was this:
      “…when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of these Jewish leaders.”

      I guess money and expediency really do trump truth, justice or even revenge.

  2. Wilson was the world’s most dangeous idiot intellectual, and Truman was the world’s most dangerous fascist. It all springs from them; both are traitors to their nations and humanity. The first idiot let the bankster genie out of the bottle and the second the fascists.

    By the time Ike left office, he already had to make a mea culpa that the game was already lost, both groups had already sown things up. Then the unholy cabal took out JFK for thinking he really ran the show.

    I’m not a hater, normally, but I loathe those pinhead preznits with all my being for their stupidity and for turning a blind eye to pure evil.

  3. As one of the persons commenting on the orginal RT page has pointed out, Russia, too, was (is??) a de facto fascist state…

  4. Couldn’t agree more Marcos. Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was the last great Australian politician. Yes the dismissal of the 1975 Government was a constitutional crisis-but, as an Australian Historian and teacher, the CIA are the most powerful driving force in his dismissal (in my opinion). Of interest, when Menzies retired in 66, we had our biggest ever UFO incident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi5pc1nL2rE
    Here is a snippet of a documentary outlining some of the CIA involvement with the Whitlam dismissal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTfISvjC_i8

    1. “the CIA are the most powerful driving force in his dismissal (in my opinion)”
      “Christopher Boyce, who was convicted for spying for the Soviet Union while an employee for a CIA contractor, claimed that the CIA wanted Whitlam removed from office because he threatened to close US military bases in Australia, including Pine Gap. Boyce said that Kerr was described by the CIA as “our man Kerr”
      It seems circumstantial evidences do support such hypothesis.

  5. Well the 1970s prove a interesting decade coups in Britain ,Chile, Australia. The first and third leaders forced out of office second killed in office. Indonesia booted out of office Jamaica fix voted out of office Iran counter coup out of office that one still being fought back. And we mustn’t forget Adolph and Eva honeymooning after WW 2 in that getaway for NAZI leaders South America. I know I have left a lot more I can’t remember at this time out.

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