Cosmic Warfare


August 14, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

It was bound to happen sooner or later: as people are homeless, as banksters and Wall Street weasels run roughshod over the people, Congressional Dummycrooks and Republithugs are debating over the Obama administration's proposal to mine asteroids. In short, we're being subjected to more cosmic-theater, colmplete with cute drawings of rockets with gigantic coffee cups, to snare an asteroid for mining:

Plan to Capture an Asteroid Runs Into Politics

Why do I think this is theater? Well, let me clarify one thing. I don't think mining asteroids is theater, nor the idea of Moon bases and Martian missions. Eventually, all three will happen.

But to make them cost effective, especially that bit of mining asteroids, is the real question, and I just don't see that being done with rockets. What is apparent is that there is a move afoot to make that "space collateralization" I have been proposing since my first blogs about the Bearer Bonds Scandals a reality. What was being hinted at only years ago is now a matter of public debate in Congress.

My reasoning - which I clarify and detail in my forthcoming Covert Wars and Clash of Civilizations - is rather simple, and once again, I take Venice as our model. Suppose one is confronted by three enemies simultaneously. One hidden somewhere in the world with a base of operations, and with many known and presumed tentacles into your own state(Nazis). Then a massive enemy to the east (Communist Russia, or in Venice's case, Turks), and finally, a threat not from this world at all. One would want a technological response to all three enemies at the same time, and this implies a response to the greatest threat would be developed, and that would require immense and secure financing. The barter, in this case, is rather simple: the banksters finance the fleets, for a share in the profits of their voyages. They assume part of the risk. This, I believe, is the real story behind the asteroid mining story, and as is evident, the story comes from the black world, from the breakaway group.

Which means the public debate now, over what to fund in the overt program, is more likely a debate about how much has to be shuffled and rehypothecated from the public budget to the leveraged black budget. My bet is that they will go for both the Mars-Moon option, and the mining option.  The how - rockets - is never in view.

But this suggests a clue of what to watch for to indicate they are really serious: if and when someone in the Grand the Congress, whether the Senate or House of Non-Representatives, asks the questions: "Yes Mr. NASA director, but are rockets really cost effective?..." Answer: no, but they're all we have, and its going to take billions to fund it. Rest assured, those billions will be used to create the trillions in the black budget that will make the real technologies, that will enable these things to get done, possible.

See you on the flip side.