August 2, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been following the BRICSA story, or the various gold stories, then you'll want to include this one in your reading, from Zero Hedge:

China Maneuvers To Take Away US' Dominant Reserve Currency Status

There are so many critical paragraphs in this article that to review them all here would be an impossibility, but I suspect that there are two in particular that needs to be addressed. The first is this:

"It should go without saying that China and Russia have designs to end the U.S. Dollar hegemony free ride. This is fundamental to understand and will be a game changer. The impacts on the standard of living of these players will be profound and especially negative for the U.S. How and in what manner this plays out is the question. I strongly believe that the answer lies in two parts: letting the U.S. put a noose around its own neck and then at the appropriate time, kicking the chair out from under it."

Both nations have histories of having been raided and raped by the western Anglo-American financial oligarchy; we need only remember the Opium wars, the role of Wall Street in financing the Bolsheviks(Anthony Sutton's Wall Street and the Rise of the Bolsheviks), or, more recently, the decision by president Truman to seize the Operation Golden Lily bullion - much of which was taken by the Japanese from China - and use it as a Top Secret slush fund for covert operations and black projects (see part One of my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations).  Both nations, and their leadership, are acutely aware of these operations. And the idea of "payback" is, well, it's just plain human nature. But in a broader sense, both nations realize that for their interests to develop, inevitably a confrontation with western geopolitical power, which hinges on its financial power, must be made. In this sense, the moves are entirely predictable.

But the second paragraph of concern here is at the very end of this rather thoughtful article:

"Finally, higher gold prices are necessary if the U.S. wants to curb China demand and prevent an emperor-wears-no-clothes scenario on the home front. You see, once yuan becomes a currency fully backed by gold, the next logical step will be not just domestic but international pressure on the U.S. and others, like Germany, to lift the iron curtain and reveal whether the gold they claim backs their currency really exists. Then get ready for all hell to break loose."

We have already commented on this site on the peculiar take-down of gold on the same day as the Boston Marathon Bombing, and I suspect that this was, in part, at least an "op" to convince people to avoid gold... but now the problem is the reverse. It appears that Russia and China are betting on the gold card.

Which makes the recent and rather dramatic push in the west and in particular in North America, to talk up and introduce 3-d printing as quickly as possible, more interesting. In my opinion, it tends to corroborate the idea I have been suggesting, that the big push for post Cold War unipolarity by the Anglo-American elite may be sputtering out, and a retrenchment into its traditional bases of power, North America and Europe, is necessary.

We may add to this the recent spate of articles on asteroid mining that have been pushed, and the "collateralization" of space that this implies. What intrigues me thus far is that financial analyses of the sort cited in this blog remain two-dimensional, when in fact, I suspect that space has now become a major component of strategic, economic, and political planning, and for various reasons, gold figures into this. What remains to be seen is how analysts may incorporate such considerations into their articles. As we saw a few days ago, however, when blogging about India's Mars mission, the BRICSA nations are not going to remain idle in space, and as India's space chief clearly implied, India wants to sit at that Mars table in the future, along with China, Russia, Japan, and Europe.

The economic warfare picture that is beginning to emerge is thus intriguing, for how best to keep the USA away from that table?

Simple: make it economically impossible for it to remain a space power.

See you on the slip side.