cosmic war


September 3, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ever since the bizarre Japanese Bearer Bonds scandals, with its alleged one billion dollar Kennedy bearer bond, I have been intrigued with two notions: (1) a hidden system of finance, put into place after World War Two, and using plundered Axis loot, and (2) its use foe a variety of covert projects and operations, most of them developing black technologies deeply related to the development and exploitation of space. It was the so-called Kennedy bearer bond, in all its self-evident hoaxed nature, that caused me to think about what the hidden truth might be. There was no doubt in my mind then, and there remains none now, that in spite of its clear nature as a hoax, it was designed to send a message.

For those who don't know about that particular bearer bond, the only examples of it are on the internet. The obverse bears, of course, a likeness of President John F Kennedy. But the reverse shows, curiously, three things: (1) the LEM, or Lunar Excursion Module, the actual vehicle of the Apollo program used to land on the lunar surface (2) the space shuttle, and (3) an image of the cratered lunar surface. The strange combination of symbols on the "bond" suggested to me that there was a hidden system of finance, and that part of that system involved the creation of vast amounts of leverage, entirely hidden, in return for a "stake in whatever was found out there."

Succinctly put, space had been collateralized, and that almost from the inception of the space race.

Now there is further confirmation here:


That's right, a corporation, complete with website, and a "team", all about privatizing space and going out to mine asteroids and find....whatever. There is, you'll note, even a tab labeled "asteroids," all for themselves, another indicator of vast resources awaiting us, if we can just get to them and mine them.

But what interests me most here are the "team members," which you can view by clicking on the site's "Team" button.  Three members in particular interest me, Dr Peter Diamandis, in the advisors category, former Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Moseley, and in the investors' category, Mr. Ross Perot, Jr. The last name, of course, speaks for itself as a measure of political and corporate independence. The presence of a former Air Force General suggests that the links between the developing corporatization  of space and the military will be maintained, and most likely, as a two-way street of advice, intelligence, and idea-and-concept sharing. Such is to be expected.  It is Dr Diamandis who most intrigues here, as the short biographical note concerning him indicates that he  is "the Executive Chairman of Singularity University based in Silicon Valley." "Singularity" is, of course, transhumanist code, and in some circles, denotes the extension and expansion of human capabilities - and presence - on a universal scale. Space, of course, would be part and parcel of such an agenda, and in this sense, the corporatization and commercial development of space would easily play into this. One gains a measure of the seriousness of this goal in yet another note contained in Diamandis' biographical note: "Diamandis’ mission is to open the space frontier for humanity. His personal motto is: 'The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.'" These are serious people, so whatever NASA or other national or international space agencies may be planning, the competition from the private sector will only grow. The corporatization of space is one to watch, folks.

See you on the flip side.