1. This article originally appeared on Landdestroyer on September 13.
    The agenda was originally spelt out in a policy document from the Brookings Institute in 2007. So yes, it does go back to the Bush years.
    And this agenda will be carried out, one way or the other.
    If an amerikan attack fails to materialize, then they will get israel to do the deed.
    Based on a false flag incident on israeli soil, blamed on Assad of course.
    israel ain’t gonna wait for no approval from anyone, they will just send the planes in and bomb the living daylights out of Syria, no “limited action” here.

    Mission accomplished.

  2. Our Elites think their gods and can mold the world into their stupid delusions of their making. To them every thing is their toy to do with what they what they are the ones who are entitled to everything and complain about others so called entitlements. Syria is only newest toy to throw against the wall to break.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Feelin’ alright (uh oh)
    Not feelin’ too good myself (uh oh)

    Imprisoned by the way, yeah, it could have been
    Got to stop belivin’ in all the those lies.

    The Peter Dale Scott COG has JFK, 9/11,
    and other signature black ops
    baked into the cake.

    Just can’t waste our time
    Got to find a way
    to clog the cog
    cardiac-arrest those bleeding plutocrims

  4. And Global Research weakens a perfectly good, well documented, point by using the term “US occupied Jordan”. No, I am not arguing that the US doesn’t have any presence there; it just aint an occupation. See Iraq 2004 for an example.

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