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September 7, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This article was shared with me in an email by a regular reader here and a frequent contributor of articles in emails, Ms. P.H., and it's so intriguing I simply have to share it and comment a bit about it in my usual high-octane-speculation sort of way.

The gist of the article, as will be apparent from the title, is that Raytheon, a major American defense contractor, and most probably a favorite corporate son of the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will be contracted to look for tunnels...

... in Egypt!:

Raytheon to Detect Tunnels in Egypt

Now, here's the ostensible story, direct from the article itself:

"Aerospace and defense major Raytheon Company ( RTN ) has been awarded a $9.9 million contract by Pentagon to continue with research and development work on Border Tunnel Activity Detection Systems in Egypt.  The contract is provided under an Egyptian Foreign Military Sales Letter of Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

"On detection, the Egyptian authorities will plug these tunnels which were abused by terrorists to smuggle arms across the border into Gaza for use against Israel. According to rough estimates, nearly 2,000 tunnels still exist in the Egypt and Gaza border."

But it strikes me that a "tunneling activity detection technology" might be something rather different than what we're being told, and that its ultimate purpose might be something else other than detecting those pesky Radical Tunneling Islamicist Terrorists out to do nasty things to the Zionist Paradise of Yahwist Restraint and Compassion. After all, basic tunneling detection technology of one sort of another has been around for quite awhile; it's called radar tomography.
It suspect that what they're after here is the ability to detect and map small tunnels at multiple levels from space. 
And I suspect that the real goal is not protecting the Zionist Paradise of Yahwist Restraint and Compassion from Radical Tunneling Islamicist Terrorists, but rather, that the real goal is the detection of this:
Such an advanced, deep penetrating, multi-level and detailed ability to map small tunnels and such from space would be a boon to the illegal antiquities looting industry, not to mention to the underground and covert search for ancient knowledge and technology.  Let's recall that shortly before the Giza compound was walled off, that network television series ran a number of interesting shows about radar tomography of the complex, especially in the area around the Sphinx, and, in accordance with various theories that have long held that there were chambers and "halls of records" beneath the ancient pre-Egyptian monument (yes, you read that correctly, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, googling the names John Anthony West and Dr Robert Schoch will help bring you up to speed), sure enough, the tomography indicated that there were areas highly suggestive of chambers.
Then we had the Egyptian government wall off the compound, ostensibly to protect it from terrorists and vandals.
Then there were various "antiquities looting" scandals surrounding the then director of Egyptian antiquities, Dr Zahi Hawass.
Then there was the "Arab Spring"... no more Qaddafi, no more Mubarek, and best of all(for this point of view), no more easy public access either to Egypt or its antiquities.
And, as a regular reader here consistently reminds me, Raytheon's name is...well, it's a curious name for a defense contractor: "Ray" is clear enough. Rays. Beams. Lightning bolts.
"Theon," from the Greek word for God. Hence, Ray+theon= Ray/Beam/Lightning Bolt of God (or if you prefer, the gods). The divine ray. The divine light.
So I suspect, in my usual high octane speculative sort of way, that the selection of God-Ray to develop technologies to look for tunnels is a scenario that tells us quite a lot. The technology to look for those pesky tunneling terrorists already exists in a certain sense. What the whole scenario suggests is that they want to develop and improve that technology to unprecedented levels, and I suspect it's not merely to detect tunneling terrorists, or, for that matter, tunneling Mexican drug lords.
I suspect the real name of the game is antiquities.
See you on the flip side.