Cosmic Warfare


September 10, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday, you'll recall, I blogged about the possibility that we are looking at a covert "antiquities war," as various factions of the global elite seek to acquire ancient knowledge, and suppress public knowledge of it, for the purpose of engineering a false social reality and human history for public consumption, while in private and in secret, the same elite holds to a vastly different version of human history and cosmology. I also suggested yesterday that we might be looking at the post-war breakaway civilization's emulation of the Nazi Ahnenerbediest, or at its actual postwar continuation.

This attempt to suppress "uncomfortable" archaeological data has been done by a variety of methods, most of which were documented - along with a vast catalogue of archaeological anomalies that "didn't fit the public historical spin" - by Cremo and Thompson in their 900 page tome, Forbidden Archeology. One favorite method has been to accuse those who present unusual archaeological findings, or who maintain views in opposition to the standard model, as "pseudoscience."

And in particular, this effort has concentrated itself around the occasional discovery of the bones of "giants," taller than human remains of hominids or, in some cases, actual humans. In fact, in this respect, the coverup and "covert antiquities war" appears to have originated in the nineteenth century, for as I recounted in Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men, there are persistent rumors of the actual destruction of such remains.

But the stories of their discovery keep appearing, and usually in countries not entirely under the thumb of the Anglosphere oligarchs:

Giants in Loja - Ecuador

Of course, such stories and photos and can faked, photoshopped, and fed into the idea stream of the Internet by just about anybody. And in this case, the fact that this "skeleton" is now on display in an "ancient aliens" amusement park in Switzerland raises one's suspicion meter into the red zone, and it should. It's a convenient way to cast the whole subject into a dubious light.

What cannot, however, be so misdirected is the Ecuadorian broadcast itself, and that such bones were sent to the Smithsonian. So far, to my knowledge, the Smithsonian isn't commenting.

But what also cannot be misdirected is the venue of their purported discovery: the "Gods' cemetery," a cemetery apparently full of such giant bones. In Ecuador...

...thousands of miles away from Mesopotamia, where one of its ancient texts referred to a time when "there were giants in the Earth."

So why would the oligarchs of a breakaway civilization seek to recover such finds, then suppress public knowledge of their existence, and ridicule those who would maintain that they not only existed, but that there was a covert antiquities war taking place, a war that included the suppression of large scale public acknowledgement of their existence?

As I averred yesterday, one reason might be that they were fearful of a repeat of a Tower of Babel Moment of history, that, literally, they were afraid of yet another intervention from the "gods." But another reason also comes to mind: when a civilization is in a state of collapse, and its elites know  it, one of the first things that gets done is the secreting of its archives and treasures, and the attempt to preserve knowledge for the future.

... and that, too, is what those ancient texts and esoteric traditions also suggest happened, long ago, in the High Antiquity of the Gods.

See you on the flip side.