cosmic war


September 9, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the past few weeks I've been writing - off and on - about the covert struggle for antiquities that appears to be connected to recent Western-Anglosphere interventions in the Middle East, with Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and now Syria heading the list. I have also written other articles on this website, and in my books, about the Baghdad Museum looting. I maintained then, and maintain now(and almost alone) that the USA was not the sole hidden player in that sad event, but that the real hidden players may have been European powers, specifically France and Germany, which both had significant archaeological teams in Hussein's Iraq, digging up historic sites for him and cataloging their finds. In short, there is a hidden "antiquities war" going on, and a scramble among the power elites to acquire various antiquities.

Now, many of you sent me the following article, but it confirms the fact that I am not the only one thinking such things, and this article also attempts to put this covert "antiquities war" into a larger context:

The New World Order's Tower of Babel

The central thesis of this thought-provoking article speaks volumes:

" Today something of the sort is being undertaken on a global scale. Preparations are underway for the rewriting of the history of all mankind. This process began after the American invasion of Iraq. Experts consider the looting of Iraqi museums (in Baghdad, Mosul, etc.) to be the greatest cultural catastrophe of the century. These museums contained collections from the prehistoric, Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Islamic periods. After the American invasion around 200,000 pieces of artwork and cultural artifacts were stolen from the museums and libraries of Iraq; most of these were of global importance, including masterpieces of the ancient civilizations of Ur, Sumer, Babylon, Assyria and other states of Mesopotamia, one of the cradles of human civilization.

"The creation of the ideological foundation of the new world order's Tower of Babel has two sides: the archeological side and the museum side.

"The archeological side is connected with the deliberate destruction of excavation sites using both bombs and armored vehicles....

The other side of this is "the museum side," and here it is worth citing the article for its perceptive pointer to the historical precedent that this entails:

"In the same way, during the invasion of Iraq, the first to enter the country, even before the beginning of the Western coalition's military operations, were the people from the Ahnenerbe. Something similar happened in Libya and Egypt, and now the same kind of operation is planned in Syria. These people have a special mission: to find and retrieve previously designated relics and treasures. The doggedness of those who equip them in achieving their goals is no less than that of the leaders of Hitler's SS, with their «mystical runes» and their efforts to plant a flag with a swastika on Elbrus, etc. It is these people who were the first looters, robbing museums and other state institutions, as well as the houses and palaces of rich Iraqis and Libyans with their private collections, with great knowledge. Now they want to repeat this in Syria."

I have no difficulty whatsoever in believing that the Anglosphere elites would fashion a special secret bureau that is essentially a copy of Hitler's SS Ahnenerbedienst, and do so in an effort to gather antiquities and ancient knowledge, while removing that knowledge from public view. Indeed, this article even mentions something that I have been at pains to draw attention to: the tragedy of the loss of Iraqi antiquities is less in the loss of objects of art, and much more in the loss - or deliberate removal - of cuneiform tablets for public scrutiny and translation.

In my recent book, Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, I suggested that such Ahnenerbe-like activity would have been entertained and sponsored by the national-security establishment cum "breakaway civilization" as one necessary facet of its attempt to understand and emulate the UFO phenomenon, a phenomenon having clear national security implications. For this reason alone, they had to consider the hypothesis that those old Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Vedic, and other myths of ancient wars of the Gods and their repeated interventions and interference with mankind - the Tower of Babel Moment - might be true. The various versions of the Tower of Babel Moment, read from this perspective, indicated that interventions occurred when human technological progress approached parity with "the gods'", and that humanity was once again entering this dangerous phase of history.

Thus, what I am suggesting here  is my usual "high octane speculation," namely, that the antiquities war may have as much to do with a covert UFO agenda, as it does with a merely terrestrial "plot" of evil technetronic New World Order globalists plotting a global takeover. Indeed, the former UFO agenda might even be the factor lurking behind, and driving, the public agenda. But there's another factor to bear in mind here as well. In my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, I argued the idea that the Western oligarchical elite represents not an all-encompassing omnicompetent breakaway civilization marching in goosestep precision, but rather, an assemblage of factional interests, one of which was what I have been calling the Nazi or Fascist International.

Thus, the possibility arises that various factions are engaged in the cover recovery of as much of this store of ancient knowledge for themselves and against other factions, while working with those other factions in the overall goal of removing this storehouse of ancient history and knowledge from public scrutiny. We might, in other words, be looking not at the imitation of the SS Ahnenerbedienst by the western "breakaway civilization," but rather, we might be looking at the footprints and activities of the Fascist International itself.

We might be looking at the continued postwar activity of the Ahnenerbe itself.

See you on the flip side...