September 22, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the recent RT article exposing the NSA's electronic eavesdropping via SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transfer), the international clearing entity in Brussels. There I suggested that the implications of the revelations were threefold:

  1. They tended to corroborate my evaluation, first outlined  in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, with respect to the old Inslaw-PROMIS software scandal of the 1980s, that such an eavesdropping/electronic surveillance capability constituted the ultimate insider trading mechanism;
  2. that as the revelations increase, confidence and trust in the systems of internet security, transaction protection, and so on, collapse, and this would lead to an establishment of competitive clearing by the BRICSA entente, and
  3. that the growing crisis of confidence spells disaster if confidence cannot be restored in those institutions, for the simple reason that accurate data input is needed in order to make the ultimate insider trading mechanism work. Faulty or incomplete data will only result in inaccurate computer analysis and scenario gaming.

Now, all this is taking place against a wider backdrop of a very obvious though not very well-appreciated detail about the overt government, and the covert one(which, following Mr. Richard Dolan's insightful suggestion, we have been calling the breakaway civilization). That detail is one that former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin outlined in a ten-hour long conversation with Dr de Hart and I during her visit last summer: the overt govenment assumes all the risks and liabilities for the covert one, which has no risk, and, via the hidden system of finance which I have coupled to the Bearer Bonds Scandals, has a virtually bottomless pit of money from which to draw...

...provided that the whole system can maintain confidence and accurate information.

But now there is yet another sign that the two intertwined systems are facing more trouble, and that is the fact that this hidden system is now making the attention of "econophysicists" - that group of physicists that I talked about in Bablyon's Banksters, and again in a simultaneously more direct and more roundabout way in Financial Vipers of Venice - who have taken the models of quantum mechanics and used them to model financial markets and human behavior. The detailed implications of that connection we cannot get into here, folks, but Iwill suggest one very important clue and connection: multiverse theory, and another: Feynmann's path integral and sum over histories approach.

So what's the clue? This:

The Interrupted Power Law and The Size of Shadow Banking

The article   itself is intriguing, but it does indicate that while the shadow banking system is not the same thing as my "hidden system" the resources they both command exceeds the entire worlds GDP, in other words,  an enormous system of leverage has been created, the financial equivalent of a Class One civilization on  Kardashev scale.

And that implies space, folks....

See you on the flip side.