1. Ah…how naïve the author of this Wired article.

    Evidence: Google’s purchase of a 512 Adiabatic Quantum Computer earlier this year. Stated use? Facial recognition and helping vehicles self-navigate.

    Pure nonsense.

    The only way tech companies are even allowed to exist, is to serve their master.

  2. My local tech store is selling spy watches, sun glasses,, pens full on audio and video with average of 4 gb storage, at around 20 too 40 bucks…..that means any little geek could be filming anyone anywhere……talk about paranoia for those who have stuff to hide.

  3. I agree with previous posters. That article reads like pure disinformation and setup. To get people to feel better about being spied on by convincing the dumb people that they aren’t being spied on, and the slightly-smarter ones that their data is ‘encrypted’ . I don’t buy it. On the other hand I have no problem talking about whatever on gmail because there are better people to harass than me.

  4. The real problem is how the NSA,CIA,FBI is going sort out all this information the grain of importance from the chaff.

  5. I thought the point of Google (Gmail in particular) and FBook and Yahoo was to spy.

    In other words the Wired article is quoting a pack of lies.

  6. Wow! I never saw the NSA headquarters before. Another monument to Saturn right in our midst. Maybe that is what the 100 gigabyte/second wireless link is for. They are sending our personal information back to their home planet for inventory.

    1. Who comes from Saturn?

      And well data rate per second isn’t the hard part. It’s sorting it all.

      Anyhow faster than light communication systems already likely exist, though unlikely that the NSA would publically acknowledge such. Just like no one is going to acknowledge having a cold running quantum computer able to sort all the data points.

        1. Sag the Saturnian,

          just in case you thought that was an ethnic slur, it was not. I’m fully aware of my own ethnicity’s Martian roots.

          Good luck to you guys in Cosmic War II. But may the better aliens win.

      1. Yes, as the tech available in the “real” world is 20 or so years behind what the government has.

        Of course, that may be for the best. Look what we’ve done with the technology we have. For the most part, children can’t even speak or write correctly anymore thanks to texting. And You Tube, everybody wants to be famous, no matter how they do it.

      2. Sorting all the data….

        This is an issue that the operators of the Large Hadron Collider faced.
        The ensuing data streams were described as coming from a ‘fire hose’.


        Their solution was the creation of a fiber optic network, spreading the analytical loads amongst universities and research laboratories. The link provides a map.

        The latest generation network is the ESnet 5.

        This is soon to be the exclusive domain of Adiabatic Quantum Computers.

        Result? Total encryption in a quantum environment.

        Please note: Adiabatic computation is devoid of the now-obsolete, gate-model (transistor) quantum computers. Qubits replace transistors, with computations literally taking place in another dimension, outside our own.

        It is this other-dimension aspect, that effectively renders data truly encrypted.

        Tales From The Crypt? (TV show).

        Those not in possession of said Adiabatic computers, are locked out. This is why tech companies must comply with the intel communities. Gate-model computers are going the way of horse and buggy days.

        In fact, they will be cut off from access to all data.

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