7 thoughts on “TIDBIT: GREECE TOTTERING…?”

  1. Tthis is nothing significant imo…just some special forces retirees with a page/forum on the net made some comments about the current situation and how according to them it should be “addressed”.
    nevertheless this statement was picked from some politicians and have been given some seriousness for political purposes.

    1. Dimitris: THANK YOU for giving us a perspective from Greece on the matter… this is one problem even of the alternative media, especially in this country: it becomes next to impossible to verify, or gain proper perspective, so thank you!

      1. i`m pleased to report from this little corner of the globe joseph, besides we are all citizens of the world nowadays

        1. Not that I take much of whatever ZeroHedge has to say seriously; they’re clearly desperately trying to talkup some gold position they’ve over-extended themselves into, and they have their own reasons for favouring rightist policies wherever on the globe: But the US did back a rightwing coup in Greece in 1967. And the neo-fascist Golden Dawn is stirring up trouble in Greece today in 2013.

          1. that`s right sagnacity, there is trouble with the neo-fascist / nazis here, but possibly they will be outlawed as a party due to some act -waiting some court`s decision to declare them as a criminal organization-

      2. Robert Barricklow

        Seymour Hersh sez close down the news bureaus of NBC & ABC. Sack 90% of editors in publishing. Get back to the fundamentals – speak truth to power.

  2. Is this the story of the beginning of the fall of the banking house of cards in Europe or nineteen thirties Europe re dux.

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