1. I don’t read every white paper that is released by Geneticists and that’s simply because I don’t have the knowledge base required to be able to relate to it so I rely on others to interpret the data for me, but in recent times I am noticing a tendency by these blokes and girls of course, to neglect the mention of evolutionary theory in a lot of their work?

    I’m sure that many of them will state for the record (if they had to publicly) that they conform to that theory, but what I am seeing in a lot of recent white paper studies is that these people are viewing their science through the eyes of creation rather than just a ‘pure chance’ mindset? They talk of engineering; taking this strand here and putting it there or coupling this bit here with that bit there to try and achieve x/y outcome and so on and soforth etc etc etc.

    Is my minds eye the only one seeing this trend?

    1. Ah… the identity and or source of this Creation/Creator is the real question, not so much a strict adherence to old theories of evolution.

      Within the manipulated university laboratories, the latter-day dogma they lap to is panspermia and the ilk. As Stephen Hawking loves to bark: “We are children of the stars, consisting of stardust” (I made up this quote, but you get the drift).

  2. Anyone for a ticket to Cesar’s Lab from One Piece streaming now on Hulu . With DARPA involvement you know this going to be bad.

  3. Instead of dealing with the impracticality or impracticability of deep-space travel, what if, instead, we learned to teleport?

    If equipment transports in a manner that anima cannot, deep-space colonization (or retreat) becomes a matter of some remote, Genetically Optimal, “GO-3D” Printing of a vessel, and a means of interfacing “preserved consciousness” within that vessel. It’s an issue of hardware, software, and integration of the two.

    Is this the path of Androgynous God-Man, self-replicating across the universe?

  4. This is how, from my research, I came to the conclusion the MERS coronavirus was developed, as clearly its is not of a natural derivative.

    My own H.O.S. (High Octane Speculation): Pandemic, to the degree masses of people will demand the injection, or pill not only as a vaccine, but a cure for those already “infected”.

    This “cure” is of a man-made, nano construction origin. By the way… it changes folks DNA……………..

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