1. Looks like the SUSSF missed it’s target this time. Better luck next attack on Russia or China or Brazil. Secret United States Space Force.

        1. you know that is bs, if it were real they would of made volcano statues and called the place the spring equinox islands

  2. …”like the one that hit Chelyabinsk” but “the asteroid has now disappeared”. …”Apophis will pass within 38.5 km of the Earth”… Well as jedi says at the very least there will be “asteroid insurance” in the offing!!!

    1. I actually had an asteroid pass over my head this morning in the back yard, had too duck Man walk. it was moving about 2 or 3 m per s, so I quickly grapled a gold flag scribbled a quick land claim on it, javelined at the object where it stuck, I grabbed a few fuzzy bear photos of the object as it disappeared over the horizon and will be selling mining stocks to a few lucky investors from my home ipo and unlisted venture.,

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Sounds like a great plot for a sci-fi novel, designed to bring smiles, for whoever has to pleasure to read it.

  3. perhaps I should write a paper explaining the kelvin point zero of this ever occulting……or perhaps I should start a idea, and a IPO on a device that will the save the world from this type of event….and a yearly fee for insurance purposes, payable as usual to DOT (den of thiebes)…..the global warming thing didnt work out for them, so Putins offering a ivy leaf and a asteric in the satan clause too keep the parasites fed for a while.

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