1. a couple of corrections , chromosomes are like temple knights, they travel in pairs and the greek word for god is Theos before axioms were applied. Therion might apply to Raytheon, like illumination ….just a thought

  2. The Euro-Semites Elites as always behave like Chimpanzees and have been trying to make us Bonobos Humans behave like them killer apes.

  3. For more about bonobos, I recommend “Bonobo Handshake” by Vanessa Woods. It is an entertaining and insightful memoir written by a young woman who goes to the Congo with her primatologist boyfriend who is studying bonobos. She has some interesting things to say about the differences between chimpanzees and bonobos – I was strongly reminded of the differences between Europeans and Polynesians when the former invaded the Pacific islands in the 1600s and 1700s.

    1. lol, she has a masters degree in science communication, she also did a book on the killer bees in costa rica.
      ob1zenobone is on the run from a red headed albono?

  4. and then there is table mountain in South Africa, and those very very ancient civilizations.

    holy last supper bat man.

  5. ….J Conrads esoteric into the darkness comes too mind…and its premise is in the congo….oh boy, and with star treks latest offering….the natives were worshiping a picture of a chromosome….
    and there was NOT a man to till the ground

  6. My first experience with a Bonobo Ape was in the early 1970’s at The Children’s Zoo in Ft Wayne, Indiana.

    My son was a child at that time. They had a young Bonobo named Amos. He was in a confined area where you could view and interact with him up close. He was the most amazingly intelligent animal I have ever observed.


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