cosmic war


October 12, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ms. M.W., a regular reader here, deserves kuddos for finding this article and bringing it to my attention, for it fits the hypothesis we have been exploring off-and-on here, namely, the hypothesis of the collateralization of space.

For those unfamiliar with my hypothesis in this respect, a brief review is necessary. I have speculated in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, that the various bearer bonds scandals that began with the arrest of two allegedly Japanese men at the Swiss-Italian border, near Chiasso, by the Italian financial police in 2009, exposed the tip of a very large and hidden system of finance, for these men were arrested carrying bearer bonds in $500,000,000 and $1,000,000,000 denominations. Further bearer bonds scandals in Spain, and again in Italy,  involved sums in the trillions of dollars, and "counterfeit" bearer bonds backed by gold. But in the Japanese scandal, the billion dollar bearer bonds - self-evidently faked - were in my opinion designed to send a message, for these bonds depicted President John F Kennedy on the obverse, and on the reverse, depicted the Apollo Moon missions' LEM (Lunar excursion module), the space shuttle, and a picture of the Moon. This suggested to me that space had been the collateral of a vast hidden system of finance established as a top secret system of funding for covert activities and research by President Harry S. Truman in 1947, the same year as the UFO flaps, the celebrated Roswell incident, and the establishment of the American national security apparatus. None of these are - in this hypothetical scenario - disconnected, for in my estimation in was nothing less than the establishment of a hidden system of finance with a long term goal of the extension of human civilization, including commerce, into space, and space itself and the resources found there, functioned as the collateral for the financiers taking part in this vast system.

Now there is this intriguing bit of corroboration that collateralization may not be so wide of the mark, and it involves energy, the cornerstone of the current public system of finance in the West:

Is Outer Space the Sustainable Energy Solution?

The choice of wording in the title alone is highly suggestive of a connection to the western financial oligarchy, for "sustainability" and "sustainable growth" are two memes dear to the heart of the Anglosphere oligarchs. So consider this one crucial paragraph again:

"The moon, for example, is estimated to contain over 1 million tons of Helium; the energy stored in that much Helium is 10 times the amount of energy you’d find in all of the fossil fuels on Earth. If one put a cash value on it, the helium-3 would be worth $4 billion a ton in terms of its energy equivalent in oil."

Would such a thing be a worthwhile resource and therefore of interest to the current financial-energy power structure? Yes. Would such a thing be one of the primary reasons motivating recent discussions of property law and space? Yes.

But there's something else to notice here. $4,000,000,000/ton of Helium, times the estimated 1,ooo,ooo tons of helium on the Moon, would be worth a staggering $4,000,000,000,000,000, or four quadrillion dollars. That's more than enough to cover the risks and trillions of dollars suggested as the amounts flowing in that hidden system of finance, and a significant dent, as well, in all those quadrillions of dollars in derivatives.  And that amount of energy is also suggestive that the financial leverage created in that hidden system of finance, a system to leverage the entire planet in a kind of "Kardashev financial scale", may have been deliberately done in anticipation of such finds, and vast wealth, on our nearby celestial neighbors.

What emerges from all this is yet another little indicator that this hypothesis of a collateralization of space shortly after World War Two, in a hidden system of finance, may in fact be close to what actually happened, for like it or not, it certainly is being discussed openly now.

See you on the flip side.