October 30, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Our friends over at phys.org are reporting that the latest brainchild of the field of "econophysics" is the ability to predict financial bubbles:

Chaos-on-a-chip model shows market bubbles may be predictable, controllable

Now, there's a lot going on and implied in this article, so we'd best get to it. Our focus is on these statements:


It's an idea financial regulators have dreamed of. Experiments on a simple model of chaos have found that it may be possible not only to predict an extreme event, like a stock market collapse, but to intervene and prevent it from happening.

In a paper appearing October 21 in the journal Physical Review Letters, an international team of researchers say that these extreme events, which they call "dragon kings," are less random than had been thought and that, in a simple experiment at least, they can be anticipated and controlled.


Those interfered waves in turn, to extend the analogy, implied a carrier wave into which the other waves are modulated. The carrier wave carries the information of the other waves.

Thus, in order to control the cycle itself, one would, quite literally, have to control history itself, the underlying carrier wave...

In short, to indulge in some very high octane speculation, and reading behind the lines here - and they'll never admit this publicly - what they're talking about is the ability not just to ride the wave of history, but to change it at a fundamental level, that of the information modulating wave itself, the aether, the information in the field, Akashik records, the Dirac sea, the collapse of phase space, call it what you will... It's most definitely on the edge of fringe science.

And that's breathtaking, any way one slices it. It's a long way off course (and perhaps), but it makes one wonder just how much this capability and  analysis already exists and has been expanded in the breakaway civilization and hidden system of finance, for a question directly to the point is, has that system shown any public indicators of suffering the same cyclic activity as the world of public international finance?

But as I said before, it's breathtaking any way one slices it.... Multiverse theory, anyone?

See you on the flip side.