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October 8, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

It's about time someone raised the issue of mind control and its possible relationship to the strange and senseless shootings that seem to be part of the American landscape... Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, Columbine... even Sirhan Sirhan and the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and many more such incidents, raise the issue of just who, really, is to blame, and increasingly, it looks like not just the crazed lone nut assassin, but the very possibility that they, too, are being manipulated literally by voices beamed into their heads. One may regard it as fundamentally a form of torture of the most insidious kind, where the perpetrator himself or herself becomes a victim of the crime they themselves commit.

Mind control techniques and technologies exist, folks, even though it will be a long time before SeeNoNews(CNN), SeeBS, Faux News, or the other lamestream media ever come within a time zone of mentioning the subject. The technologies - the patents - exist, and I have highlighted but a handful of them in my books. To mention the subject of mind control and manipulated social engineering events that the shootings have become would be to raise too many ugly questions concerning the character of the real leaders of this country, and the moral muck into which their addled consciences are buried knee-deep. To raise the issue and possibility would be to have to reconsider all the suspicious imponderables of the supposedly "settled" case of Senator Kennedy's murder, and all the implications that fall out from it.

Now, however, the issue is being raised again, amid the growing pile of anomalies and doubts emerging over the Navy yard shooting, which, coming as it does in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon event, with its mounting pile of "official story problems", would tend to indicate that the USA is quickly falling into a system of government by engineering theater-crisis, a process begun - I would submit - long ago on a Grassy Knoll in Dallas, TX, on a late autumn day in 1963.  As I wrote in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy - the 50th anniversary of which will be this November 23rd - America became, on that day, a banana republic for all intents and purposes.

Mind control techniques and technologies are a perfect gift for the Enterprise, as this article, courtesy of a regular here, Ms. P.H., makes clear:

CIA, mind control & mass shootings - Is there a correlation?

Fundamentally, Mr. Hagmann is correct, and this means that, like it or not, one aspect or our recent history that alternative research must investigate is the relationship of such events to the possibility, not just of mind control techniques and technologies, but of such things to (1) terrorism and "suicide bombers," (2) social engineering resulting from such events, and finally, I would suggest there is a profound connection to other recent sad events like the Franklin scandal, the Penn State scandal, the pedophilia scandals rocking the Catholic church, and to deeper influences of the dark aspects of esotericism and occultism.  We are looking at something profoundly interconnected in the deep recesses of the souls of those who, like Faust, give themselves over to evil for the sake of power.

As Mr. Hagmann puts it:

"Just a few short years ago, I too would have scoffed at the mere mention that these mass shooting events were anything but tragedies at the hands of sick and mentally-ill psychopaths. Granted, there are some sick and twisted people out there who need no help to kill others. But looking at these events collectively, a pattern seems to be emerging beyond the confines of the individual events themselves.

"If we confine our investigation to the most recent shooting alone, it is unlikely that we are seeing all of the facts pertinent to the numerous shootings over the last few years - even the last several decades. If we look back into history, even as far back as the shooting death of Robert F. Kennedy, might we be seeing something more to the story of these random shooting events? Is it possible that there are agendas at play, and programs at work behind the scenes to which we are not privy?

"Is it possible for rogue, criminal elements inside of the U.S. government to target the minds of certain individuals through electronic means to engage in certain behavior, including killing others? Before dismissing this possibility as some conspiracy theory unworthy of further consideration, please do some research, starting with the 1975 findings of the Church Committee. The disclosures from this investigation alone confirmed that our government was engaged in mind control experiments, spending billions of dollars and using unwitting subjects on which to test their latest drugs and electronic weaponry."

To that, I can only add "hear hear," and to add the motion to the floor of the alternative research community, that it is time to start doing the serious research to connect the dots.

See you on the flip side.