cosmic war


October 26, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

While most people's attention has been focused on the incredible circus in the District of Corruption, there's been some odd news that tends to indicate that there is another bigger scenario going on.  But fortunately, so many of you noticed this one it gives me hope that not all is lost. Not everyone's attention has been focused on the sock puppets in Washington.

So what's the larger picture? Well, I've been arguing that at least part of the larger picture may be a scenario of (1) hidden finance in the hundreds of trillions if not quadrillions of dollars, that (2) was put into place prior to and after World War Two, and classified at the highest levels (by President Truman, that (3) this system in turn relied upon recovered Axis loot, both German and Japanese; that (4) this required a certain degree of collusion with the defeated Axis elites, who gained a measure of influence within the postwar "national security structure" of this country; that (5) this system was used to create a vast covert operations and black research projects slush fund and a kind of "Manhattan Project on Steroids;" that (6) a human presence in deep space was one of the ultimate objectives, and finally that (7) in order to solicit the covert participation of a few select prime banks in this scheme, space itself, and whatever treasures of resources and knowledge, was collateralized very early on in this scheme. This admittedly (highly) speculative scenario was suggested to me by the appearance of space themes on the back of the so-called Kennedy Bearer Bonds that featured so prominently in the Japanese Bearer Bond scandal of 2009.

Also playing a significant role in this space opera - indeed, one of its principals - are Dr. Wernher von Braun and the statements he allegedly made to Dr Carole Rosin while both were at Fairchild Industries after the former's "retirement" from NASA. According to Rosin, Von Braun outlined a staged scheme whereby space would be weaponized: first, Communists would be the enemy, then terrorists, then nations of concern, then asteroids, and finally, extraterrestrials.

Well, we most definitely seem to be in the "asteroid phase" of the scheme, given the recent meteor activity over the Russian federation, their apparent destruction, some would say, by technology, calls for asteroid defenses by the then Russian Premier Dmitri Medvedev, and more recently, announcements by the USA and the Russian Federation that they were initiating talks to construct just such an asteroid-blasting near Earth defense system.

Now we may add another little bit of confirming evidence:

Space cannon ready: Japan to shoot asteroid for samples in 2014 mission

Japanese scientists successfully test asteroid-blasting space cannon

Now, admittedly, the little Hayabusa-2 cannon, with its little 4lb kinetic impact projectile, does not sound like much of a weapon. But I contend that in the vacuum of space, a kinetic impact weapon would be deadly to any vehicle. Forget about the rayguns and lasers that the movies and films have conditioned you to. What's really interesting here is that this story is being couched in terms of mining asteroids (collateralization), when the technology to do so is, essentially, a weapon. Not a big one, not one capable of blasting a big asteroid into dust, but nonetheless, a weapon.  A big asteroid with deeper impact will require, well, a bigger cannon.

The bottom line, then, is that in one fell swoop, we're being treated to the weaponization and collateralization of space via a technology intended to do both.  Now all that needs to be done is to "scale up" the concept, to shoot at....what? or worse, whom? And isn't it interesting, that the whole idea of space collateralization was suggested by the Japanese Bearer Bond scandal of 2009, with its self-evidently faked billion-dollar Kennedy Bearer bond... Quite a coincidence.

...or maybe not.

See you on the flip side.