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In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was grave concern, both within and outside of that country, over the state of the nations strategic nuclear forces and who was commanding them. Now, with the galloping and ever-apparent corruption of the federal government of the USSA, there seems to be something afoot with the command and control of USSA nuclear forces. This article from RT(Scroll down to read the snippet):

US Air Force sacks senior nuclear forces commander


  1. Coups within coups? … Since early September Infowars has been covering a string of events preceding these firings: the secret and unsigned transfer of nuclear warheads from Texas to South Carolina (ordered by ?); Sen. Lindsay Graham’s fear-mongering about a terrorist attack on Charleston Harbor using ‘off the record’ black ops nukes (the false flag needed to send the US into a ‘hot’ war in Syria or ?); speculation that Obama ordered the strike missiles for something much greater than Syria (Russia?). Gen. Giardina was suspended on the day of the ‘off the books’ nukes transfer. The mystery remains whether Generals Carey and Giardina were suspended for obeying or refusing to obey orders. Pentagon Air Force Commander Jack Weinstein has been put in charge, perhaps more willing to ‘follow orders’. The most recent article:
    Top Nuke Commanders Terminated Following Missing Nuclear Warheads Report

    Ops within ops? … Beyond Syria is the bigger issue of a possible hot war by the US against Russia, eventually leading up to WW3. Here is William Engdahl’s RT interview “US is involved in ‘Hot War’ with Russia, fought by proxies”.
    “The real issues of missile defense, Syria and Iran will remain unresolved because of a policy pursued by Washington of full spectrum dominance, where the sole super power the US seeks to dictate military, economic and financial terms to the entire world.”

  2. Robert Barricklow

    In the movie “Z” the investigator who nailed the generals in the coup, was himself jailed, in the military junta’s counter-coup.
    Definately games w/in games, coups w/in coups?

  3. Perhaps his behaviour was unacceptable in that he practised critical thinking and would insist on requiring a valid reason for ‘pressing the button’.

      1. Yes, I agree. Thinking, in some cases, among military people is sometimes a rarity. Curtis Lemay comes to my attention.


        1. Lemay, nothing couldn’t be solved by more bombing.

          Didn’t Lemay run as the VP on the George Wallace ticket? (At least Wallace mostly apologized before he died.)

          1. Don:

            Thought Strangelove was supposed to be Teller, and LeMay was supposed to be the general played by George C Scott.

            Not sure that in the early 1960s, the real LeMay’s inclination to launch a “winnable” nuclear war was generally known. I think the thing about him wanting to launch a world nuclear war over Cuba’s Soviet missiles only just came out in the last 20 years. The point being that the movie general, played by Scott, stops short when he realizes the unrecalled B52 is about to start a world war with nuclear weapons.

            That Alaska air base commander (Sterling Hayden) in the movie is more like Lemay, with a dash of Nazi+”Christian” purifying through fire preaching.

      2. The US military only followed orders, they drew up the war plan but initiated until there was civilian approval. Col Colin Powell convinced the world that Iraq had WMD at the UN, because the opposition would not believe Dubya. Powell was the driving force behind the invasion, not the military.

        1. Nid:

          The point is that anybody in the military who said in 2002: “This is difficult and expensive and very likely illegal without authorization from Congress” was resigned, and then yes all sorts of officers went along with the starting an illegal war.

          However you do your case no good by bringing up Colin Powell’s rank, and the incorrect rank too. His last military post was chairman of the joint chiefs, so 4 star general.

          It’s also simplistic to say that Colin Powell’s lies at the UN are the only reason the war was launched. It’s far more that Karl Rove knows how to maintain the language of a public “debate” and once you can do that you can control the outcome of a “debate”. This is how Rove “won” Florida for GWBush in Dec. 2000.

  4. johnycomelately

    “Michael Carey has been dismissed in response to an investigation into alleged personal misbehavior.”

    Is it just me or is the US going through a velvet coup d’état?

    Seems like a lot of strategic officials have been removed from their posts without a lot of fanfare.

    1. And of course the reverse is also possible: That this general was removed for plotting a coup, or support of something like that. There sure are a lot of endtimer“christian” theocracy inclined “officers” coming out of the Air Force Academy.

      Haven’t seen the US military saying that continuing illegal operations in North Africa aren’t a great idea and are illegal.

      The generals who pointed out the difficulties of invading and occupying Iraq in 2002 were resigned.

      So no the US military is not a bastian of responsibility. That there are responsible officers yes, but then there’s the Air Force Academy.

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