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October 6, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

It's happening so fast that it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with all that is being written about 3D Printing these days, but in a certain sense, one may take that as a bit of corroboration that the phenomenon itself - which has been around for a while - is being deliberately promoted by the powers that be. That "directed meme" as the Daily Bell might call it, is itself an indicator of something else perhaps, namely, that at least some of the "young Turks" in the otherwise "good old boys" club of the "powers that be" are at least learning how to use the internet as a means of "meme promotion," for you'll note that most of the chatter about it is coming from websites, information sites dedicated to the topic, and various agencies promoting it. If so, we can only say, "it's about time" they got a clue, for it's a great deal easier to promote "directed memes" via the internet, and it's a lot cheaper than paying lamestream media cinderblockheads to talk about it.

That said, we're going to indulge in some more of our trademark "high octane speculation" regarding the following articles, and some dot-connecting between them, and additionally, between them and the phenomenon of transhumanism(and thanks to Ms. P.H, Ms, K.N., and Mr. K.L. and many others for sharing these stories):

3D Printing Cuneiform Tablets

3D Printing on Mars Could Be Key for Martian Colony

In Tomorrow’s Wars, Battles Will Be Fought With a 3-D Printer

Like all new technologies, futurologists are having a field day predicting and hypothesizing a variety of uses for the new technology, with the subtext always being "Get yours and get started today." But here, I suspect, we're dealing with more. Consider the implication of 3d printing for space exploration. We've already blogged on this site about the fact that 3D printers have already successfully printed functioning rocket parts (including nozzles), and these have been tested successfully. The boon to manufacturing is rather obvious, for one could bring materials into orbit, but actually print them, manufacture them, in space, using the technology. But now something else is being suggested: 3d printing could perform an important role in terraforming parts of other planets, with Mars being the planet of first choice. (And consider the implications of the discovery on the moon Titan of an ingredient, propylene, of common plastic, coupled with a 3d printing capability on that planet. See Ingredient of Household Plastic Found in Space).  To put it succinctly, 3D printing could fulfill at least one of the transhumanist dreams, as enunciated by the premier advocate of the "heaven" scenario, Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil suggested that the extension of human-machine interfaces to space probes could literally result in a kind of extension of human consciousness and observation throughout celestial space. It just conceivably might result in a vast reduction of the cost of creating space probes, as well as creating habitable dwellings, in space or other planets.

Now, couple that with the implication for defense manufacturing. Spare parts - including, as we have seen in other blogs here, body parts - could literally be "made to order" right on the battlefield provided the right materials are ready to hand. Drones, we are informed, have already been made via 3d printing, and the article hints that China is developing the technology in an attempt to take another "great leap forward" in terms of its naval technology. But, project all this into the issue of space defense. If one can imagine 3d "terraforming" and dwelling creation,one can similarly imagine the creation of space bases, robotic and otherwise. Indeed, as we have noted here, there seems to be, amid all the "meme promotion", a subtle counterpoint that is also being promoted, and that is 3d printing in conjunction with all matters pertaining to space manufacturing. Add DARPA's robotic soldiers to the mix, and you get the idea.

But why include an article and video on cuneiform tablets and 3d printing?

I've suggested on this site that the Baghdad Museum looting was not accidental, and that it was an inside job, and I've raised questions about the alleged return of "everything" that was stolen. Search around, and you'll find little mention of the stolen cuneiform tablets. Now, with 3d scanners, and printers, it becomes possible for all those tablets to be examined, not just by one team of scholars/translators, but by several... it is the ultimate way of sharing that insider knowledge of whatever it was they were looking for in the deserts of Mesopotamia. For the first time, 3d printing allows the possibility that various collections of untranslated tablets that exist at various locations around the world, can be examined together.

I suspect that it was already being done...quietly, and away from prying eyes. And maybe 3d printing would allow whatever might be found in some off planet library, to be beamed here, to be printed here.

See you on the flip side.