October 7, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one definitely bears mentioning here on this site, especially in the wake of the publication of Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, and our recent blog about Mr. Sergei Berezhnoy's statements about Russian space defense being unprepared to deal with extraterrestrial civilizations. You'll recall that Mr. Berezhnoy made his unusual comments during a news conference in Moscow. (See "RT: WE’RE NOT QUITE READY TO FIGHT SPACE ALIENS…from last Saturday's blog). In Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, I surveyed the rather unusual claims being made by former NASA scientist Bergrun, who claimed to have seen gigantic "UFOs" forming the rings of Saturn, or at least, doing something with them, including firing off electrical arcs as long as the state of California. Well, whatever one makes of Mr. Bergrun's wild and radical claims, or the blurry photos in his book, photos taken by the Voyager craft, it isn't as easy to dismiss these more clear images of the Cassini probe, for they are clearly anomalous:

Cassini Sees Objects Blazing Trails in Saturn Ring

I hope you noted the strange language of this article, taken directly from NASA's JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) website. At one level, it is corroboration of Bergrun, in that at least he was seeing....well, something. For now they are admitting they're seeing "the objects" (to use the article's strange choice of  words) as well, and, in the Cassini images, unlike Bergrun's blurry photos, it's all perfectly clear. Something is happening in Saturn's rings, and it is happening as the result of "objects."

Consider this strange language at the beginning of the article:

"Scientists working with images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have discovered strange half-mile-sized (kilometer-sized) objects punching through parts of Saturn's F ring, leaving glittering trails behind them. These trails in the rings, which scientists are calling "mini-jets," fill in a missing link in our story of the curious behavior of the F ring. The results will be presented tomorrow at the European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna, Austria.

"'I think the F ring is Saturn's weirdest ring, and these latest Cassini results go to show how the F ring is even more dynamic than we ever thought," said Carl Murray, a Cassini imaging team member based at Queen Mary University of London, England. "These findings show us that the F ring region is like a bustling zoo of objects from a half mile [kilometer] in size to moons like Prometheus a hundred miles [kilometers] in size, creating a spectacular show.'"

What struck me is that, sans the language of UFOs and extraterrestrials, one might be reading a passage from Bergrun's Ringmakers of Saturn, his book in which he first drew attention to the strange activity evident in Saturn's rings, and proposed the bold and radical hypothesis that they were being created by gigantic objects of machines.

And perhaps that's the point here; perhaps we are looking at carefully worded, carefully phrased language designed - for those familiar with the earlier claims of Bergrun - to draw attention to his work. NASA, as always, is being careful and guarded with its language. Nowhere are we reading that it thinks any of this activity is anything less than "natural," but by the same token, no attempt is made to suggest was the kilometers-long "objects" are... But language describing a "bustling zoo of objects ... creating a spectacular show" is suggestive enough.

That raises another possibility, one that must be mentioned, and one that bears careful watching in the future: perhaps we are looking at a manifestation of Mr. Richard C. Hoagland's "roosters" at work. Readers unfamiliar with Mr. Hoagland's hypothesis of the internal politics of NASA need to be aware that he believes there are essentially two factions inside of NASA, each with radically different policies regarding the disclosure of any evidence that would suggest the existence of intelligent (or any) life in our solar system, now, or in the past. He proposes that one faction, the "roosters," want to "crow" about this evidence, i.e., that they want to disclose it to the public, while the opposing faction, the "owls," want to cloak it in a shroud of secrecy and denial due to its extraordinary national security, scientific, and technological implications.

In any case, the choice of language in the article I suspect is deliberately meant to evoke - for those familiar with  the work - Bergrun's Ringmakers of Saturn, and the selection of images in the article is itself evocative, again in my opinion deliberately, of the blurry photos of Bergrun's book. But now, unlike the blurry Voyager images, Cassini leaves no doubt: something is going on in the rings of Saturn, and it is linked to the actions of "objects."

See you on the flip side.