6 thoughts on “TIDBIT: FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

  1. i do not see why exceptional stays out of context (American)? how about consciousness find a sense of harmony when creativity is less hamstrung by the so called collectivist/redistribute ideological paradigm .seriously? do you feel smarter when you have dust in your eyes?do you invent better when getting a patent in nearly impossible due to drowning in a sea of red tape…,analogy….how about 20 cents on the dollar in virtually every aspect of material action.the engine of karma.. incentive?is the greater good served when the population is dumbed down ? i will gladly vs. i should or else.. i am brilliant when i am afraid and hopeless…suuuure!!.just the usual talking points.the difference is?? do you think? or do you know? knowing may be politically incorrect.what is the definition of knowing?

  2. Our overlords have always been childkings . Overgrown brats that dream the universe is theirs to do whatever they what with it. Their toys to throw against the wall and break.

  3. spell-check: “sow” (as in “sow seeds” as compared to “sew” a garment). Sorry, can’t help myself! 🙂

    1. ? am I missing something? sow is correct, and calfs are a nice feature on a leg.

      funny looking at an ole clay carving of cinderella her arm was literally sewn.
      which oddly is also the four pints of a compass.

    2. sound-check: … so … ‘sow’ is for seeds, not stitching with a needle, nor a female pig … and for some fun with homophones and homonyms, which is not Southern for ‘grits’ 😉

      I enjoyed that thoughtful tidbit Dr Farrell, thank you … if we’re fortunate, after the American apocalypse, humbleness and humility will replace arrogant imperialism.

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