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  1. Thanks for the N&V this week Dr. Farrell. I hope you’re feeling better soon. We missed you in the vidchat last week but carried on by ourselves and used the power of the group to send you many ‘get well’ thoughts. Take care, get plenty of rest.

    Re issues in this N&V, Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, announced that Brazil is divorcing itself from the US-dominated internet because of NSA’s online snooping and will host a world summit next April in hopes of restoring trust in the global internet.

    BRICSA is already declaring its independence from the US by laying out a separate global network system to link BRICSA economies and the US. See these two sites:
    The BRICS “Independent Internet” Cable. In Defiance of the “US-Centric Internet”
    BRICS Cable

    And for a historical perspective – modern internet cable geo-politics in light of early cable geo-strategy and diplomacy – see this report by Jovan Kurbalija, part 1 of 2:
    The BRICS Internet Cable: Back to Cable Geopolitics?

  2. East Vs West, it’s been going on for a very long time. The internet is a great tool for us “ordinary people”, but the elites have now found a way to use it as a weapon.

    Notwithstanding Russia and China and the rest of the Bricsa nations are not stupid, and if the NSA has thought about it, so have the Bricsa.

    Moving right along, the end game is anybody’s guess, but the good thing is, the old “world domination” gig seems to be now all but off the books. Financial skullduggery is the game of the foxes, and the hounds are circling.

  3. God Speed to Better Health my friend!

    Great follow up info on NSA/Banking.

    Sure appears that the infrastructure is fully in place for the implementation of the “mark-of-the-beast” system of control.

    Control is the final goal. Behavior scenario gaming, facilitated by the latest generation of quantum computing, is on the surface about economics and the dollar as you pointed out.

    Deeper and the end game (quite literally) is…the manipulation and control of people.

    To what end, going even deeper, is the goal of this control? And this goes way beyond the political structure of the named “NWO”, to the spiritual.

    If a system were to be put into place, in which the actual spirit and soul of humans could be manipulated and controlled, then a single leader can achieve preeminence in the establishment of a new worldwide kingdom.

    But again, this begs a deeper question. Why?


    Lucifer is enraged.

    Revenge in the form of killing God Himself and destroying Heaven.

    I know this sounds far fetched.

    However, one need only to examine the historical motivations and acts of revenge carried out by humans, and then compound this by say a factor of 10, as it applies to the dark, underlying powers of evil we see rising to the surface of our everyday lives and world, to reinforce this idea.

    Will this goal of establishing a new kingdom be achieved?

    No. The infrastructure is being laid, with much of it hidden since the 1920’s as you point out, therefore does exist today. But simply having the technology does not necessarily guarantee success in achieving ones ultimate aim in the application of it toward revenge.

    The very nature of revenge, again looking at history, does guarantee its failure.

    And therein is our hope for today and our future.
    At least as it pertains to our spirits and souls.

    Provided of course, one makes the correct choice.

    That my friend(s), is the ultimate of “ultimates”.

    Now leaving the podium……

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