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October 16, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the strange fires at the NSA-RSHA's Utah Data Facility, and about the suggestive idea that there may be more to the story than meets the eye, perhaps, sabotage, whether from foreign agents slipped into the construction crews (BRICSA, you'll recall, came to my mind, but I also suggested that one could not dismiss factional infighting within the Anglopshere). Well, strangely, no sooner had I completed the blog and scheduled it, than I heard an interesting thing.

You see, as I schedule blogs for the coming week, or weeks (depending on my mood and energy), I make an exception to my normal "no lamestream media" rule, and I listen to American talk radio. Now, for those of you not in the USSA, American talk radio tends to be almost uniformly right wing, or, in a few cases, centrist-Libertarian, in nature. You may ask why I do this, and the reason is relatively simple: listening to this dreck forces me to work faster, so I can turn it off. Occasionally I vary this routine, and listen to one of the twenty-four hour television news channels, which, again for our foreign readers, tend to be almost uniformly left-wing, and "liberal", or, I would prefer to say, socialist. The effect is the same: listening to left-wing or right-wing dreck makes me work faster, so I can turn it off.

But on the day I was composing and scheduling all these blogs, it was right wing dreck day, and I had just completed the blog, when I heard the talk show host complaining about how bad the IRS's new website for Obama'"care" was, and how - and I'm paraphrasing him here - one would almost have to try to design something so badly.

That made me think: perhaps it was. Or, perhaps, playing off the NSA-construction crew infiltration scenario, perhaps some faction managed to infiltrate the people tasked with designing it, and deliberately hashed it up. Frankly, nothing would surprise me any more.

With that in mind, consider this article from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Gmail extension aims to drown NSA in nonsense

It does, in a way, bring a smile and twinkle to one's eyes, and all the better that reporting on the idea in this case comes from Australia, a country that the corrupt Anglosphere oligarchs consider more or less a satrapy of the USSA. But not so fast.

Consider the idea of  millions, billions, of earthlings flooding their everyday emails with words like "bomb", "assassin," "terror", or even more fun things like "tritium", "lithium deuteride," or "neutron deflectors" and "event" and "device" (which, in the context, would simply be a typo for "devise") and so on. Ladies:  "Oh my hairdresser is such a hair-assassin he made a do that's just the bomb" or (guys) "last night's (insert football, soccer, rugby, baseball, cricket) game was a real nuclear event, dude, it was like seven megatons of lithium deuteride, I couldn't possibly device a better ending; it was totally apocalyptic".... One might even develop whole Echelon-like lists of phrases and words to use in everyday emails, sinister phrases that would be code for innocent things: "I need you stop by the warehouse and get the yellow cake for the centrifuges" could be code for "Go to the grocery store and get a yellow cake mix, some milk, and some eggs and I''ll mix it up with the egg-beater." Multiply that millions of times over and perhaps you'd cause electrical fires and explosions.

Oh well, it was just a thought.

See you on the flip side.