November 3, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

I have no set plan for this month, nor any desire to turn it into "JFK assassination month," because for one thing, other news will inevitably impinge, and other stories will of necessity have to be commented upon. But it would be foolish to ignore the ongoing implications of the assassination of President Kennedy, the "government by gunshot, scandal, and false flag op" I wrote about yesterday, and the endless succession of scandals that have come since. The well-known, respected, and level-headed columnist Meg Greenfield, hardly a woman given to wild conspiracy theorizing, writing back during the BCCI scandal and musing upon it and all the other scandals that had preceded it, complained that she felt like she was watching a badly written opera, where the characters always recur, over and over again, appearing in disguise. In short, she was giving voice to that suspicion many Americans were sharing: that the endless procession of corruption and scandals - Watergate, BCCI, Nugan Hand, the Franklin Scandal, Iran-Contra - all of them, were deeply related and somehow connected.

So, you might ask, who the heck is Gary Caradori, and where does he fit in? We'll get to that. But first, the murder itself.

On July 9, 1990, Gary Caradori had flown with his 8-year old son, Andrew James, or A.J., from Lincoln, Nebraska to Chicago, Illinois to attend that years' All-Star baseball game. Sources connected to an on-going investigation that Caradori was conducting for the State of Nebraska, however, suggest that Caradori's trip may also have been a cover to obtain crucial information he had developed for his investigation while in Chicago: highly incriminating picture. On the evening of July 10, 1990, Caradori and his son attended the baseball game, which lasted until approximately midnight of that evening. After the game, they took off in a Caradori's single engine Piper Saratoga airplane from Chicago's Midway airport, at almost 2 AM the following morning, July 11, for the flight back to their home in Nebraska.

Approximately one hour later, near the cornfield of farmer  Harold Cameron, Caradori's plane crashed, with the debris stretching over a mile. The plane had come apart in the air. Two years later, the National Transportation Safety Board admitted that the wings of Caradori's plane had been snapped off due to stress. Cameron himself stated that he had heard the sound of an airplane over his farm, and then an explosion, and had driven around his property looking for the crash.  For the moment, the mechanism of the aircraft's disintegration is unimportant, except for the point that whatever it was, the wings had snapped off (perhaps accounting for the explosion sound Cameron heard). Caradori and his little boy were both killed, and of course, when their effects were returned to his widow, Caradori's briefcase was not among them, the very briefcase that contained the latest developments of his investigation. To add to the probability of deliberate murder, Caradori had, the night before his and his son's murder, called his boss, Nebraska State Senator Loran Schmit, to inform him that they now had the subjects of their investigation "by the short hairs."

So who was Caradori, and who and what was he investigating that would have called for the murder of him and his innocent son, a "murder by disintegration of aircraft?"

Gary Caradori had a distinguished career in law enforcement and investigation, and was hired by the Nebraska state Franklin Committee, chaired by state senator Loran Schmit, to investigate the allegations of a child sex-slavery and drug running ring being run by then prominent Omaha black financier, Larry King, who was at the time facing charges for embezzling $40,000,000 from his own Franlin Federal Credit Union in North Omaha. But during the scandal, allegations emerged of a child sex and drug ring being run in conjunction with the embezzlement. But that wasn't all. The sex-ring itself was at least nationwide, and stretched all the way from the Los Angeles metropolitan area in California, to Washington, D.C., and even included allegations that the highest echelons of the Reagan-Bush, and then the subsequent Bush administrations were implicated. The modus operandi was clear: prominent politicians with a taste for pedophilia, drugs, and other activities were being blackmailed. There were even allegations that this ring, with some of the "recruited" adolescents from Nebraska, was given private late night "tours" of the White House, taken into areas of the executive mansion that were normally off limits to the public.

Researcher Nick Bryant, who along with Nebraska attorney John DeCamp( who represents some of the victims), speculates that the Franklin scandal may represent an ongoing permanent structure of the shadow or deep state, and that its "methods" constitute not only a normal means of operation for that entity, but part of a much wider and possibly even global network, and that this may account for the almost total non-responsiveness of government. There were even suggestions that some of Franklin's embezzled money ended up as a cash  source for the Iran-Contra operation(See Nick Bryant, The Franklin Scandal, A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, and Betrayal, pp. 491-493. For the recounting of Caradori's murder, see pp. 185-188).

There is of course, nothing directly connecting the Franklin scandal and all its allegations of child-sex-slavery rings to the Kennedy assassination three decades earlier, except for the general pattern of corruption, and a tapestry of "threatened interests" that ran through the various corridors of power around the nation, and that literally ran through the corridors of the White House late at night.

Nothing direct whatsoever.

Except, of course, for the fact that the man who began to occupy the executive branch of government in 1981, and then the White House in 1989, could not initially recall where he was on November 22, 1963... and that whole "Operation Zapata" thing ... "Zapata Oil?" a ship named Barbara?...huh?

....what Cubans? Bay of what?

Nah....!  ....Nothing to see here. Move along.

... See you on the flip side...

(For more on the Franklin Scandal, see Nick Bryant, The Franklin Scandal: A STory of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, and Betrayal, and John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. 

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