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First Quarterly Fitts Interview

The first quarterly interview with Catherine Austin Fitts – Coming Clean, Covert Wars & The Mysterious Strength of the US Dollar - is now live in the members section.

12 thoughts on “First Quarterly Fitts Interview”

  1. Firstly my thanks to CAF for the interview, one of the best internet interviews I’ve heard. After listening to this interview you get a better perspective of exactly what’s going on financially on a global basis. The corruption is beyond belief and something has to break, maybe it’s going to take a gigantic whistleblower to lift the lid off Pandora’s box.
    Can’t wait for the next one, and I think between both JPF and CAF, maybe willing to let slip some more juicy stuff.

  2. Okay, I found it. At the top of the home page there is a brown line of options. I was using “Membership>Member Content” with MemberVidchat/Member Video/Member Documents as options. Under the brown line is a blue line with the first option “Members”. That has a “Member Audio” option. That’s where the CAF interview is. And it plays fine for me.

  3. If you’re using IE10 and don’t see anything to click (and don’t want to download a new browser), hit the Alt key and pull down the Tools menu. The file can be accessed under Feed Discovery.

  4. I would appreciate downloadable content as well. Perhaps you could just provide a direct link to the audio file.

  5. Is there any other members who would like the interview to be downloadable?

    Personally I’d like to have the downloadable version so I can upload it to my Ipod, and listen at a later time

  6. Where in the members section Joseph?

    I cant find it, also I’d like to down load it, is that possible, when I find it that is

    1. The member section is only available as a subscription service. I am listening to the interview now. There was a download button to the right of the audio bar. I tried the download button and it worked fine. I am using the new IE11 for W7x64.

        1. I only know what I see in IE11. The button has a downward pointing arrow. Different browsers may be setup differently. Try a different browser.

          1. Safari seems to have only the live stream audio bar. However, I was able to download using an old Camino browser which had only the download arrow. Thanks for the suggestion. Excellent, as I want to listen later. Thanks again, dynamic duo, Farrell & Fitts … I’ve been looking forward to this!

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