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November 21, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

...Meanwhile, as the Philippines are descending into engineered weather chaos, Angela Merkel contemplates sending her phone bill to the NSA, Russia contemplates colonizing asteroids, the new Pope, Francis I, it seems is busy pissing off Mafia capos in Italy:

Pope Francis’ anti-corruption stance agitating mafia - prosecutor

Now, consider the irony here: Russia Today is reporting on the papal stance against corruption in the Vatican. But note carefully the real center of Francis I's anti-corruption drive:

"State prosecutor Nicola Gratteri – who works in the southern Italian region of Calabria, where the ‘Ndrangheta mafia is active – told the Italian daily Fatto Quotidiano that Francis’ statements on transparency and dismantling economic power in the Vatican are making mobsters 'nervous and agitated.'


"Francis has supported reform at the Vatican’s bank, which has long been suspected of having helped the mob launder money. In October, the Pope replaced Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who had been brought down by allegations of ties to corrupt Italian politics and the Vatican’s financial scandals.

“'The mafia that invests, that launders money, that therefore has the real power, is the mafia which has got rich for years from its connivance with the church,' said Gratteri. 'These are the people who are getting nervous.'

“'There is no affiliation rite that does not evoke religion. ‘Ndrangheta and the church walk hand in hand,' he said."

Now note what we have: (1) A pope attempting to clean out the "corruption" in the Vatican, (2) centering on the Vatican bank which has (3) been used to launder Mafia money.

I submit what we have here is a much much bigger story than the Russia Today piece is letting on, and I submit that Russia Today knows it is much bigger.  I have been maintaining in various radio interviews that the election of Francis I - Jorge Maria Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina - marked a turning point within Vatican power politics, that he constitutes a recognition among the cardinal electors of the papal church that the center of power of catholicism has shifted irrevocably away from Europe and to the Second and Third Worlds. In this shift, the papacy has to reckon with the fact that there is one very obvious toe-hold the western financial oligarchy has within the Vatican: the Vatican Bank, or the Institute of Religious Works. For any papal pivot to the Second World or Third World, or more importantly, any full rapprochement with the Eastern Church from which the papacy estranged itself centuries ago, means that this toe-hold with have to be cleaned out and removed.

Here a little history is in order. The Vatican Bank, if the late Fr. Malachi Martin is to be believed, was established in the wake of the collapse of the papal states under Pope Pius IX (Giovanni-Maria Cardinal Mastai-Ferreti) in the 19th century. According to Fr. Martin, the Vatican of Pope Leo XIII entered into a "bargain" with "the high masonic powers of Europe" to allow it entry into the world of high finance, and thus was the Vatican bank born, already entangled in compromising alliances and relationships with institutions the papacy was nominally or ostensibly against. The concordat with Mussolini's Italy, which began the modern-era diplomatic recognition of the tiny city-state as a sovereign nation, also gave the Vatican 90,000,000 gold lire as a kind of reparation for the dispossession of the papal states in the 19th century during Garibaldi's unification of Italy under the house of Savoy. These monies became the seed money that began the modern era of Vatican investing.

With World War Two, and the use of mafia contacts by American intelligence, and the post-war Cold war and the Communist scare of the 1948 Italian elections, the Vatican bank became a key nexus for the laundering of money both from the Mafia and from western - and particularly American - intelligence. So always, behind the article's reference to "Mafia" one should also understand that, given the deep ties of various western intelligence agencies to international organized crime, laundering money for the Mafia also means, often and simultaneously, laundering money for various intelligence services and activities.

In short, the Vatican bank is a beehive of activity for First World Corruption, and the principal obstacle to any papal pivot toward the new centers of catholic power in the Second and Third Worlds. Thus the unwritten story in this article is that Francis is taking aim, not just at the Mafia, but also at one of the key focal points for laundering money for covert operations of a variety of different sources.  The Vatican bank cannot thus be offered as a trustworthy alternative to the western financial oligarchs nor as a bridge to the BRICSA nations without a "house cleaning," and additionally, some of the western oligarchs are insisting on cleaning it out.

Thus there is a high stakes geopolitical and financial game swirling around the Vatican, and it has much to do not only with the papal pivot out of Europe, but also with the emerging financial game between the West and the BRICSA nations. That pivot represents as much a break in the old church-Mafia alliance as it does a fissure in the old church-western intelligence agencies alliance... Cardinal Mindzenty is long dead and so is the Cold War that spawned him; similarly Michele Sindona is  long dead and Licio Gelli is very old, symbolizing the coming deaths of old relationships between the Vatican, Masonry, and the Mafia. The papcy must reform and clean up its act if it is to survive the pivot, and that means cleaning up not just the pedophilia scandals, but the much deeper corrupt compromises that spawned it.

Thus, for the Mafia complaints (or anyone else's complaints) about Pope Francis, given the historical perspective I've outlined above, it should be clear that the usual "wet methods" of dealing with errant "clients" won't work here. Eliminate Francis and another cardinal representative of the same views will be chosen. The selection of  Francis was careful and deliberate, as much a message to the First World as to anyone else... and Mafia capos won't be able to change that by the usual methods. If they try, I have one word for them:


See you on the flip side.