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  1. Ramura on November 21, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    I have been a fan of Dr. Farrell’s books for 6-7 years now, having read several and finally going back to the beginning and reading them all in order. I think he is at about book #21 or more by now, but it is easy to lose count as he is very prolific. But I can barely wait for his next one to come out, as each book is actually a building block in a long story arc that he clearly laid out for himself before he ever set pen to paper on the first one.

    Joseph P. Farrell is an extremely detailed and meticulous researcher. Each book fleshes out completely a basic component of a very long story, one that reaches back into our antedeluvian past, but amazingly that past is impacting us very much so now in the way world events are unfolding.

    NO ONE connects the dots better than Joseph! I love his daily comments via emails and Facebook posts, his weekly “News from the Nefarium” commentary on articles in the news, but most of all I love the content that I find in the Member’s Area.

    The Member’s Area is where you “get the REALLY GOOD STUFF!” This is where Joseph really goes deep and lets us in on his thought-processes and insightful speculation. I always feel privileged to watch his videos; it is like sitting in the back row of a REALLY good (Oxford!) instructor, as he weaves history, religious texts of many ancient civilizations, physics, finance, alchemy, geopolitics and anywhere else his polyglot mind may roam.

    And he’s funny! A good time is had by all. I should also mention that the Members themselves tend to be highly intelligent and well-informed, and the discussions that result are
    of a very high level. I especially appreciate this as I have participated in other “chat rooms” during live talks where the people on the chat are practically trading recipes and not following the topic! Here, everyone is very engaged and informed, and some VERY good questions prompt even more amazing answers.

    I recommend it to all my friends. I think the price is closer to $14, but it is the best money I spend every month and worth WAY more than the “door charge.”


  2. DownunderET on November 21, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    As a member of Dr. Farrell’ web site, all I can tell you verbally that this man has enlightened me to a number of startling facts. His books are a testament to seeking the truth about this world we live in. If you are reading this, then it’s time to become a member, and join some like minded people who seek not only the truth, but to listen to a man who has given up a lot of earthly things in order to bring these astonishing themes and ideas to us in book land.

    For a monthly fee of $12, here’s what you get. Access to a man and a mind who will teach you things you never thought possible. The monthly fee is a small price to pay for a whole lot of Oxford learning, and that is a price not many of us will ever achieve.

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